1/16 Chs HD/HD-SDI/VGA H.264/H.256 HEVC Encoder MagicBox HD4N Series

◆ with highest 60 FPS frame rate to enhance the quality
◆ default HLS protocol supported
◆ suitable for fast speed video programs
◆ economic version with reliable quality
◆ HEVC compression save more bandwidth

Product Details


MagicBox HD4 N series The HD video Encoder, it is the newest professional HD audio & video encoding device with powerful functionality, which supports H.264/H.265 encoding, dual-Streaming data. It is equipped with 1/16 channels of HD/HD-SDI/VGA input. Its high integration and cost-effective design make this device widely used in variety of digital distribution systems such as CATV digital head-end, satellite and terrestrial digital TV etc. Besides, it can be integrated into single 3U Chassis which one can be inserted with 16pcs of HD encoders. Powered by built-in dual power supplies to be system more stable. Compatible with VLC decode very well.


The increase of video services translates to rising expenses for purchasing more satellite, cellular or other dedicated network bandwidth. The Encoder’s cutting edge HEVC compression and streaming capabilities allows broadcasters, IPTV providers, A/V teams, corporate IT to reduce Operating Expenses (OPEX) for video streaming projects while managing demand for more video services and requests for higher quality video on existing bandwidth capability.


◆Fully supports the ONVIF protocol, and NVR recording

◆H.264/H.265 coding

◆HD, VGA or HD-SDI Inputs per module

◆Two hardware version, 1channel Compact, 1/4channel 1RU, 16channel 3RU

◆Two Protocol, Bitrate, Resolution, Profile per Source Input

◆AAC, MP3 Audio coding 

◆CBR/VBR model, 16kbit/s ~ 16Mbit/s

◆The network interface uses 1000M full duplex mode

◆Support UDP, HTTP, RTSP, RTMP protocol, unicast / multicast

◆Output video stream format: TS/VES/AES flow, etc.

◆WEB interface, Chinese and English configuration interface optional

◆Web management (WEB)

◆Dual streams out, Each input source simultaneously support one channel up to 1920x1080p Full HD and one channel 1280x720 HD output

◆Next-generation HEVC / H.265 compression reduces network bandwidth by up to 50% compared to H.264

◆Support flow resolution settings

◆Support multi brand set-top box decoder

◆Support LAN LAN, Wan WAN transmission

◆HD-to-SD downscale conversion 

◆Low power design

◆Easy-to-Use System Management

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