100-300W Digital TV Transmitter DTT 5900-300

100-300W Digital TV Transmitter DTT5900-300 series Main Application Digital TV head-end system lIPTV, Over-the-air TV distance learning lRemote live Rebroad

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    Dibsys DTT5900-300 series is an indoor UHF Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) transmitter/gap filler with up to 300W of output power, and is designed for small-scale or blind area coverage application in DTT broadcasting. 

    Dibsys DTT5900-300 series utilizes the state-of-the-art LDMOS devices and compact 4U rack-mount structure that enables DTT operators to have reduced energy cost and with much less occupied space of equipment in their DTT network. This series supports various DTT modulation standards, such as DVB-T/H, DVB-T, DTMB, ATSC, ISDB-T/Tb, and also can operate in SFN mode enabling less spectrum resource is used.

    Dibsys DTT5900-300 series incorporates multiple self-protected mechanisms, including high VSWR, over-temperature, over drive, over current, over voltage and under voltage. It supports Web based management and maintenance for remote status monitoring and controls, this can significantly reduce management time and operating expense (OPEX). By incorporating the latest technologies of RF delay and co-channel interference rejection, this system fulfills the needs for DTT coverage of SD and HD digital television programs. This is especially suitable for small-scale coverage and gap filling with complex terrains.


470MHz to 860MHz

◆Available output power from 5W to 300W

◆Built-in band pass filter (5-200W)

◆Supports single channel or broadband transmission

◆Built-in non-linear pre-correction module (optional module for 200W and 300W)

◆Optional up to 80MHz of transmitting channel bandwidth within the UHF span

Low power consumption with high efficient LDMOS amplifiers to reduce electricity costs for operators

Multi-standard capability, supports multiple DTT standards: DVB-T/H, DVB-T, ATSC,DTMB and ISDB-T/Tb

◆Low power consumption and minimized non-linear distortion

◆Extreme low group delay for DTV signal transmission

◆Front panel LED indicators, supporting status/alarm indications

10/100Base-T network management interface, supporting Web -based management and maintenance

Built-in LCD touch screen, supporting status monitoring, parameter configurations and malfunction alarms, such as transmitting power, VSWR, working voltage/current, fan speed,IP address and so on

Multiple protection mechanisms: over driving, over-temperature, over-current and high VSWR

◆Large and dynamic Auto Gain Control (AGC) circuit ensures stability of output power

Shorten MTTR, built-in modular function unit, supporting fast replacement of faulty component

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