20 Channels H.264 HD Encoder

Many outstanding features are integrated into Q3, making it a very suitable platform for the CATV, IPTV, OTT projects.

Product Details

Q320 This platform, with H.264 video encoding mode by default, supports MPTS/SPTS/ASI independent multiplexing output and IP out channel switch.

With PSI/SI technology to modify the audio and video PID information of the output program, Q320 also supports to insert a NIT information table into the WEB to achieve better compatibility with the backend device.

Q320 supports to edit program number and name of the output video stream, and the logical channel number setting is also added to the encoder. 

Overall Dibsys 's encoder modulators with OSD/Logo/QR code Insertion function, which perfectly suit any professional SD/HD Video company, including TV Channels, Live broadcasters, Government applications, Hotel, Campus, Entertainment facilities, education broadcasting systems at schools and government buildings and many others. 

Key Features

Distribute Up to 20 channels of HD content over RF (DVB-T/DVB-C/DTMB/ISDB-T/ATSC) to an unlimited number of TVs

Optional DVB-C (QAM), DVB-T (COFDM), ATSC-T, ISDB-T, DTMB Modulation (can selectable in WEB management) 4*Carrier RF Out, (8*Carrier RF Out optional)

In modulation Mode, support 128*IP input

Two separate ASI input for External TS Multiplexing

Simulaneously MPTS and SPTS over UDP/RTP IP out

Audio encoding: MPEG-1 Layer 2, Optional: AAC-LC, AAC-HE v1, AAC-HE v2

Audio gain adjustment supported

4 separate multiplexing and Up-converter modulating adjacent carrier out

Selectable the Value of PCR PID same as Video PID

CBR mode supported

Selectable LOGO,QR code,OSD insertion for every, All or Each module of local channel

Support TTL editing

LCN (Logical Channel Number) support

PSI/SI editing & inserting

PID Remapping & Filtering

Support PCR correct and PCR interval adjusting

Easy-to-Use System Management via Web

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