24 Channels MPEG2 SD IP Encoder ENC3081H

◆ optional 8/12/16/24 RCA in
◆ MPEG 1 Layer2 and AC3 audio encoding
◆ option QR code, LOGO, OSD insertion
◆ PSI/SI editing
◆ high integrated, low cost

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24 Channels MPEG2 SD IP Encoder 24 Channels MPEG2 SD IP Encoder 24 Channels MPEG2 SD IP Encoder

    ENC3081H provides one of the highest compression efficiencies in the MPEG-2 broadcasting, making it possible to transmit high quality video content at the lowest possible bandwidth for Cable, IPTV, Satellite,Terrestrial, ATSC, Hospitality Hotel TV System TV applications available today. It distributes up to 24 Channels SD Video Signals all in one MPTS as mirrored of DVB-ASI to next digital TV equipment as like Multiplexer, IPQAM Networks and Push all SPTS Over UDP/IP to LAN IPTV Network Simultaneously. With high density, high reliability and advanced compress arithmetic, it is equipped with the latest advances in video compression technology to deliver unsurpassed video quality at lowest bitrates and low latency. Moreover, it has an ASI input to multiplex the input TS with the all encoded SPTS to generate a MPTS output.

    This unit is designed especially for high channel density Distribution Video Engineering project, it can support rapid deployment, OSD/Logo/QR code Insertion and compatibility Up to 24 RCA inputs Simultaneously. It’s an ideal encoder for anyone looking for an easy and affordable way to support a large number of SD channels in low cost deployment.

    A rack mountable hardware appliance is used for broadcast local SD video feeds such as DVD Players, Professional Satellite Receiver, set-top boxes and cameras, either as a standalone system or part of a larger TV Server install, cable TV digital head-end, satellite digital TV broadcasting etc.


◆High density,modular 1-RU system capable of hosting up to Six AV Encoding input modules, each with quad AV channels

◆High-quality low-bitrate MPEG-2 encoding of SD video with pre-processing technologies    

◆Simultaneous outputs via N* SPTS/1* MPTS over GbE IP Port

◆ MPEG-2 TS/UDP and RTP/RTSP over IP output 

◆Simultaneous outputs via IP, DVB-ASI(Option)

◆Flexible GOP structures with B-frame insertion

◆PCR de-jittering and re-stamping

◆Feature to adjust the audio volume prior to encoding

◆Support VBR and CBR bitrate mode

◆Broadcast-grade down converter

◆MPEG1 Layer II,Dolby AC-3 2.0 Audio encoding

◆Option QR code, LOGO, OSD insertion

◆Low power consumption and high reliability with MTBF(Mean Time Between Failure) ≦87600 Hours

◆DVB /ATSC compliance

◆Easy-to-use web GUI 

◆Lowest cost per HD channel,breakthrough price


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