4/8 ch HD/HD-SDI HEVC Full HD IPTV Encoder Anystream310

Anystream310 is targeted to next-generation HDTV displays and to meet the significant increase in UHD TV sets hitting the market. It is a perfect carrier-grade video processing solution for next generation Broadcast, OTT, Mobile TV Head-End.

Product Details


    Anystream310 which is a perfect carrier-grade video processing solution for next generation Broadcast, OTT, Mobile TV Head-End. Typical Real Time Transcodes/Encoders Benchmarks Include 4/8* Full HD Streams.

    Anystream310 supports Apple® HTTP Live Streaming, RTMP, Microsoft® Smooth Streaming, HTTP, RTSP, UDP and Works Well with Wowza and Ezserver, Nginx servers, Xtream-codes. Ideal Device for Creating High, Medium and Low Bit Rate Streams to deliver video to any android and IOS devices at superior quality. Designed for Cable, satellite and terrestrial, OTT, Mobile, Web, IPTV content distribution applications requiring Digital Video Broadcasting. The use of the HEVC Transcoder and Encoder enables an operator to deliver content of a given quality at a significantly reduced bandwidth or to deliver significantly higher quality video at a given bandwidth.


◆Telco Quality, Highly Reliable, High density 1-RU platform can process up to 4/8*1080P Full HD profiles

◆Achieve a compression gain of 40-60% over H.264/AVC in subjective quality

◆Support Multi-screen services and Generate High, Medium, Low Bitrates in different IP protocol for IOS, Android devices, Flash. Etc

◆Creates simultaneous High, Medium, and Low bitrate streams (profiles)

◆Pristine video quality and and motion fluency

◆Full HD, MPEG/H.264-to- H.264/HEVC(H.265) any to any transcoding  

◆Down/UP Scale converter ability to convert all HD services to SD or SD to HD

◆Picture-in-picture (PIP) operation supported

◆The preview interface adds color control adjustment (CCATM) function (video output brightness, contrast, saturation, aberration).

◆TS parameter configuration: The output stream can be edited to change the program number, program name, supplier (for video output part), easy to identify end device.

◆Support RTMP, HTTP Live Streaming, Pull/Push HTTP/RTSP, RTMP, UDP, SDP

◆Produce pristine video quality over the lowest bitrates

◆Dual Gigabit Ethernet LAN ports provide additional performance and redundancy. Seperate ethernet ports for service streaming and out-of-band management

◆Compatible with external MPEG-DASH packager for OTT delivery (option)

◆Supports logo insertion and text overlay on outputs

◆Supports AES encryption

◆Designed for 24*7*365 uninterrupted working

◆Standards-compliant and field-proven implementation

◆Easy to Web management


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