8 Channel MPGE-2/H.264 High Efficient SD Encoder

◆ 8*CVBS, 8 pairs unbalanced stereo audio
◆ MPEG2 and h.264 encoding
◆ Magnum video encoder hardware
◆ Small resolution encoding, low bitrate
◆ Economic professional broadcast encoder

Product Details


ENC3184 a professional, Full-featured MEPG-2&H.264/AVC Magnum hardware compression solution, is designed for Cable, Satellite, Terrestrial, IPTV Live delivery of  efficient bit-rate utilization for delivery of high quality video. Operators can provide multiple, feature-rich series and utilize less space than required in a traditional head-end performance. 

ENC3184 supports PAL or NTSC or SECAM video input and audio signal can be analog audio content encoding in MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 AVC formats in a variety of standard video resolutions simultaneously. Significantly enhances bandwidth efficiency, and it provides up to Eight standard definition (SD)  of superior quality constant bit-rate (CBR) or variable bit-rate (VBR) video using either MPEG-2 or AVC encoding.

ENC3184 is ideal for reducing  the rack space required for SD program encoding for content source origination and distribution. All encoded programs are multiplexed to multi-program transport stream (MPTS) outputs on both ASI and IP. Additionally, single program transport stream (SPTS) outputs are provided for all inputs on the IP network output.  All settings are available via the front panel as well as a web based network management system. It also provides 2*ASI input which can dramatically lowers the cost per channel for real time SD video encoding.


◆ Up to Eight high-quality Encoding channels per chassis (1-RU)

◆ Multi-codec support: capable of MPEG-2 and AVC/H.264 encoding of SD video

◆ PAL, NTSC, SECAM support

◆ MPEG-1 L2/LC-AAC/HE-AAC V1/HE-AAC V2 audio encoding

◆ Ultra-low bit rate encoding

◆ Each Channel Video output bitrate range: 0.5~5.5 Mbps (MPEG-2): 0.25 ~ 5.5Mbps (H.264)

◆ 4:2:0 encoding profiles for high video quality

◆ VBR/CBR Mode

◆ Video aspect ratio support: 4:3, 16:9, 1:1

◆ Simultaneous outputs via IP, DVB-ASI

◆ Switchable Multiplexing MPTS and SPTS of Output Mode

◆ IP output TS is in the form of UDP packet, support MPTS/SPTS mode; when "MPTS mode" is selected for DVB mode, IP and ASI can output TS simultaneously; when “SPTS” is selected for IPTV mode, only IP can output TS, and the ASI output TS cannot be used properly

◆ Two seperate ASI multiplexing capabilities for cascading and multi-services

◆ Feature to control picture appearance by adjusting Lightness, Contrast, Saturation, HUE, Image Horizontal Offset prior to encoding

◆ User-defined Volume Gain

◆ PCR correction to accurately correct

◆ PSI/SI information creation

◆ Flexible configuration of a admin account and multiple sub accounts

◆ Configurable Alarm parameters, Real time Monitoring the Alarm and operating temperature in running device

◆ Various video filters available to remove noise and improve the video quality

◆ Forced air-cooling (left to right side)

◆ Reboot in Web-GUI

◆ Management via embedded Web server,local front panel

◆ Reliable: Hardware based for 24/7 operation

◆ Power failure memory recovery


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