8 FTA DVB-S To DVB-C QAM Modulator

1.4/8/16 ASI or 8 FTA rf port per module    2.Up to 4 CAS scrambler   3.PSI/SI auto-generation and manual uploading during re-multiplexing ,upto 45 NIT table   4.MPTS output over IP and RF port

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8 FTA DVB-S To DVB-C QAM Modulator

    QAM6248 is a new generation of Multi-functional QAM modulator, which can receive one channel of TS from IP interface or up to 16 channels of TS from ASI interfaces, and then multiplex, scramble and multi-modulate it with channel coding, as well as four channels of IP loop output. It adopts our newly developed functions such as “Module Management”, device scrambling, and channel modulation. The flexible customization and high expansibility can satisfy the user’s current and future DTV system requirements. 

    The product is mainly applied to the DTV network head end room, edge of DTV backbone network, and DTV branch head end room. 


Support ITU-T J.83A/B/C, output frequency range: 54MHz ~ 870 MHz

◆Up to 6/8/16 ASI or 8 FTA dvb-s2 RF ports or GbE IP port in per chassis with Max.4 agile QAM channels out

◆Simultaneous outputs via MPTS over GbE IP and RF Port

◆Capable of working with 16QAM, 32QAM, 64QAM, 128QAM, 256QAM modulation methods

◆The single device offers multiple configurations, the functions of scrambling and multi-channel RF output can be released by software authorization

◆Support up to 4 simul-crypt CAS and DVB-CSA scrambling

◆Support SI/PSI auto-generation and manual uploading during re-multiplexing

◆Support auto-generation or manual editing of network information, as well as local network information sectors uploading

◆Adopt extra-large cache memory for both constant and inconstant input bit stream at ASI interface

◆Flexible network configuration, support input stream auto-detection and user configuration auto-saving

◆188/204 data packet length, and real-time display the data format

◆Support PID filtering, mapping and pass-through

◆PCR auto-correction

◆Bit rate range of single output data: 15.5 ~ 51.6Mbps

◆Output data symbol rate range of single RF channel: 4.2 ~ 7Mbaud/s

◆Output EPL range: 95 dBuV ~ 115 dBuV (8 channels, step size: 0.25 dB)

◆Support gain fine-tune and in-band EPL balancing, EPL adjustment range: -2.5 ~ 10.5 dB

◆Support -20dB RF test port

◆Tracking filter circuit design to ensure outstanding out-of-band rejection

◆Support device configuration import/export

◆Easy-to-Use System Management with Web/SNMP-based management and online remote update

◆Multi-lingual management user interfaces and related documents, suit for both regional and overseas markets

◆Support monitoring of operation temperature and power supply status. 

8 FTA DVB-S To DVB-C QAM Modulator





IP out


8x ASI

4(default), 1/2 (option)

4(default), 1/2 (option)






8x ASI plus 4 FTA DVB-C

4(default), 1/2 (option)

4(default), 1/2 (option)


6x ASI plus 8 FTA DVB-S2




8x ASI plus 128x IP

4(default), 1/2 (option)

4(default), 1/2 (option)


12x DVB-S/S2 FTA Tuner plus 128x IP




4x CI IRD plus 1x ASI




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