8 FTA DVB-S2 RF To IP QAM Modulator

1.4/8/16 ASI or 8 FTA rf port per module    2.Up to 4 CAS scrambler   3.PSI/SI auto-generation and manual uploading during re-multiplexing ,upto 45 NIT table   4.MPTS output over IP and RF port

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8 FTA DVB-S2 RF to IP QAM Modulator

8 FTA DVB-S2 RF to IP QAM Modulator

    QAM6248 is a new generation of Multi-functional QAM modulator, which can receive one channel of TS from IP interface or up to 16 channels of TS from ASI interfaces, and then multiplex, scramble and multi-modulate it with channel coding, as well as four channels of IP loop output. It adopts our newly developed functions such as “Module Management”, device scrambling, and channel modulation. The flexible customization and high expansibility can satisfy the user’s current and future DTV system requirements. 

    The product is mainly applied to the DTV network head end room, edge of DTV backbone network, and DTV branch head end room. 

8 FTA DVB-S2 RF to IP QAM Modulator

8 FTA DVB-S2 RF to IP QAM Modulator


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