800-1600W Digital TV Transmitter DTT5900-1600

DTT5900-1600 series 800-1600W Digital TV Transmitter

Product Details


    Dibsys’s DTT5900-1600 series is a medium power air cooled UHF terrestrial DTV transmitter which combines up to four power amplifier modules with a maximum 1600W of output power. It has superior performance and enhanced efficiency by adopting a series of technologies. It can work in any frequency within the UHF span, and the transmitting bandwidth can be up to 80MHz.

    This series of products has an optimized design in forced air cooling and architecture, with lower noise, higher efficiency and outstanding anti-interference performance;DTT5900-1600 series can support a wide range of Digital Terrestrial Television(DTT) standards, such as DVB-T/H, ATSC, DTMB, ISDB-T/Tb and even the latest DVB-T standards.

    By incorporating our latest technologies of linear and non-linear digital adaptive pre-correction, RF delay and co-channel interference rejection, this system fulfills the needs of single band or broadband transmission in medium to large-scale terrestrial coverage scenarios.


(1)  High Performance

◆Supports up to 2500W of digital output power for DVB-T/DVB-T/ISDB-T standard

◆Up to 3000W of digital output power for DTMB/ ATSC standard

Optimized structure design, with lower noise, higher efficiency and outstanding anti-interference performance

(2)  High Flexibility and Stability

◆Modular design across the whole system, easy installation, maintenance and upgrade

◆Optional 1+1 redundant exciters and preamplifiers

Multiple protection mechanisms are introduced for over load, over temperature, over current and high VSWR

◆Large and dynamic Auto Gain Control (AGC) circuit ensures stability of output power

◆Improved power efficiency thanks to linear and non-linear Digital Adaptive Pre-correction

(3)  High Adaptability and Availability

Suitable for different countries and/or areas because multiple DTT standards are complied with, including DVB-T, DVB-T, ATSC, DTMB and ISDB-T/Tb

Available in single and three phase power grid environments to meet different requirements of deployment

◆Wide range of working frequency from 470MHz to 860MHz

(4)  Lower CAPEX/OPEX

◆Improved ratio of cost to performance, lower CAPEX for operators

Low power consumption with high efficient LDMOS amplifiers to reduce electricity cost for operators

Reduced investment in manpower, benefits from convenient local monitoring and management through built-in touch screen display or remote monitoring via SNMP network   

◆ Management and/or telcom wireless network

(5)  User Friendly Monitoring Interface

Built in color TFT LCD with touch screen in the front panel, supports monitoring & control of working states and any malfunction on any module without additional esting/monitoring equipment required, such as transmitting power, VSWR, working voltage/current, fan speed, IP address and so on. 

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