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CAS system is one of the most important support system for digital television development. The selected

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    CAS system is one of the most important support system for digital television development. The selected and receive-rebroadcasted program has already been commonly accepted in China and a lot of cities and areas have launched the fee television service of analog channels, while compared with the analog television, the digital television had a big enhancement in program quality, as well as in program contents. Using mechanism of CAS system to introducing paid program would be beneficial for harmonious development of all parties, as well as for forming the own program system themselves,thus multifunctional services and value-added services would be developed to open up new economic growth point of broadcast television, and to lay economic foundation for positive cycle development of television industry.

    CAS system is a technical support system of digital TV charging. CAS means digital-scrambling (or digital-encrypting) the digital TV programs to establish effective charging system, and to protect the interests of program providers and TV station. The commercialization achievements of European digital TV prove that CAS system is an important element for pushing digital TV toward market success.

    DIBSYS CAS system is such conditional access systems that can independently R&D with self-owned intellectual property right, on the basis of satisfying the function of digital TV conditional access system. It is an extensible system with strong scalability, and with a high degree of security, standard, economy, stability, and compatibility, can satisfy the flexible requirements of operators.


◆Applicable to all scales of pay-TV operation, support management from thousands to tens of millions users.

◆Support regional lock function to ensure that users can not view the trans-regional programs.

◆Multi-crypt and algorithm based security system to maximum protect the interests of operators.

◆Reasonable redundant backup design to provide easy error-recovery measures in operation.

◆Simple and plain surveillance interface to monitor the operation conditions of head-end corresponding software.

◆Core software has strong stability to maximum ensure the proper operation of operator digital TV service.

◆With efficient authorized distribution mechanism, can faster to The intelligence card is using COS system with independent intellectual property, to increase its security.

◆Modular design making it easy to expand subsequently and develop personalized functions.

◆Unique advertising agent module to support information insertion of advertising system.

◆ Program of fast-track authorize and shutoff, support the operation modes of simulcrypt andmulticrypt.

◆Two-layer card issuing system of CAS manufacturer and operator with independent intellectual property, to fully protect the system security and operator interests.

◆Maximum sending bandwidth can be ordered, support up to 3.5M bandwidth.

◆Simple mode of operation to suit for different users use.

◆Perfect log management function and system monitoring function

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