Caster-T340 4CH SD HEVC Encoder

1.H.265 HEVC Encoder and Transcoder

2.Any-to-Any configuration

3.Compact modular design

4.Multiple Codec, Protocol, Bitrate, Resolution, Profile per channel

Product Details

Caster340 is targeted to next-generation HDTV displays and content capture systems that feature progressive scanned frames and display resolutions from QVGA (320x240) up to 1080p and Ultra HDTV 2160p (3840x2160.) HEVC’s flexible Coding Units, which can be up to 64x64, replace fixed-sized H.264 macro-blocks, sub-partitioning the picture into rectangular regions. In addition, the intra-picture or inter-picture prediction types provide higher encoding flexibility. The result is a codec that can offer up to 50% reduced bitrate at the same quality when compared to AVC/H.264.

The Caster340 features outstanding picture quality in an all-IP environment with live broadcast-quality encoding, innovative video preprocessing, and faster-than-real-time file transcoding.In addition to the added support for the HEVC video codec, supports all major industry codecs and formats including MPEG transport streams, Adobe® Flash®, Apple® HTTP Live Streaming, Microsoft® Smooth Streaming,Wowza Server and EZserver for Web TV, over-the-top (OTT) services, IPTV, and cable delivery.

Caster340 support either 4xAV, 4xSD-SDI input ports, or one HD or HDSDI port option,and Two GbE IP out.


Main Application

IPTV, Mobile TV multi frequency application,
Broadcast and cable TV system
Content storage and video server system
Intelligent security monitoring system news gathering, return 

code, signal stream and stream compression, which can 

meet the broadcast, VOD, enterprise, education, medical

treatment, health center and live broadcast market demand




4xCVBS Ports

4x SDSDI  ports

1x HD Port

1x HDSDI  Port


Two Gig  Ethernet Ports

Live H.264:-  480,576i,Any resolution
                   Up to 1920x1080p, 720p,          
Up to 3840x2160p(Option)

Live HEVC:  - 480,576i,Any resolution                  
 Up to  1092x1080p(Default),720p,                
Up to 3840x2160p(Option)

Min.  resolution: 64x64

frame rate:  5-30fps

MPEG-2 TS  MPTS/SPTS over IP                  
TS/RTP/UDP  streaming                
Adobe Flash  / RTMP
Apple HTTP  Live streaming/HLS  
Microsoft  Smooth streaming
Unicast and  multicast
IGMP V2  & V3 IPV4 support

Bit rate  mode:VBR,CBR

Video encoding

Smart  de-interlacing              
Picture  re-sizing              
Logo/graphics  overlays                
Crawling  text

Codec  Format:MPEG-2,MPEG-4,H.264/AVC ,H.265/HEVC

HEVC High  Profile;HEVC Main profile                
H.264  Baseline Profile;H.264 Main Profile;H.264 High Profile

32kbps to 4Mbps

Number of  channels: 1channel (4k@HEVC);
1channel  (1080p@HEVC)              
1channel  (4K@H264);                
4channels  (SD@HEVC)

Audio  encoding

Bitrate:8kbps  to 384kbps

Encoding  Format: LC-AAC,HE-AAC and HE-AAC v2;MPEG-1 Layer, AC3,MP3

sampling  rate:8khz to 48khz

System Management

web  management





Dibsys CE with Caster.jpgdibsys ce-enc3381.jpgDIBSYS ROHS IRD.jpgdibsys rohs-enc3381.jpg







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