Compact H264 WAN IPTV Encoder ENC3316

◆ HD standard version, with optional SDI or HD+CVBS
◆ multiple IP protocol: UDP,RTP,HTTP,RTSP,RTMP,HLS
◆ one source can output three channels out, max 1080P
◆ video PID, Audio PID, PMT PIT, PCR PID modify
◆ USB out supported
◆ Support page RTMP protocol playback preview

Product Details


    ENC3316 (with Ethernet port, USB) network encoder is a DIBSYS technology independently developed a web-based transmission coding, ENC3316 can both transmit live broadcasts via the Internet, and you can also receive information from the media server. ENC3316 supports MPEG4 AVC / H.264 encoding format, and it can be widely used in home entertainment, security monitoring, hotels and shopping malls advertising signs.

    ENC3316 supports 1 channel HD, 1 channel SDI, 1 channel HD + CVBS (3 interface port combinations optional) input, support 1 channel USB recording and broadcasting functions, support 1 SD card inserted, Gigabit IP output (3 channels, each channel can be free to choose the transport protocol). Support Web network management. With entertainment, security and commercial advertising demand increases, the use of the device will continue to expand, and service consumers.

    ENC3316 encoded output IP streams can be pushed to the live global Internet through different protocols, and then can be played via mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.).


◆Supports 1 channel HD, 1 channel SDI, 1 channel HD + CVBS (3 interface port combinations optional) input

◆MPEG4 AVC / H.264 video encoding

◆MPEG-1 layer 2, MPEG-2 AAC, MPEG-4 AAC audio coding

◆Support SD card (Secure Digital Memory Card) inserted

◆Supports 1 channel USB taped

◆a variety of small resolution output, suitable for different mobile end play

◆IP stream output from the encoding device can be pushed by different protocols on the Internet

◆Support point to multi-point transmission over the Internet, and 3 independent channels can be set differently respectively

◆Support Gigabit IP output (3 channels), supports UDP (unicast / multicast), HTTP, RTP / RTSP, RTMP, HLS network transport protocol

◆Web Network Management


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