DCM701 450CH ASI IP to IP Multiplexer

1.250 separate ip input

2. optional CAS scrambler

3. GBE IP :1 -800 Mbps ,DVB-ASI output :100Mbps

Product Details


    DCM701 MPEG Processor is the Second generation of intelligent headend MPEG-TS processing equipment, where the combination of compactness and flexibility leads to a cost-effective solution. It compact platform capable of processing a high number of MPEG video streams, which performs the adaptation of Inputs between 8 channels ASI and up to 120 separate IP inputs and up to 450 IP out in One Gigabit Ethernet via multiplexing and scrambling before send to local digital headend system or IPTV network .

    DCM701 MPEG Processor brings operational and economic benefits in MPEG processing applications. Its remarkable feature is helping customers to distribute MPTS ( from traditional DVB-ASI transmission and IP stream encapsulated as MPTS) to SPTS streams which is suitable for VOD and IPTV. It can convert ASI to IP, more stream multiplexing and PSI/SI auto-generation play out.

    DCM701 Option built-in scrambler allows easy integration with several leading Conditional Access Systems. Migrating several CA systems is possible through the Simulcrypt interface. Furthermore, redundancy is supported in order to help minimize a system failure


◆Up to 8*ASI and 120*IP inputs, 450*IP outputs in 1 RU Chassis 

◆Demultiplexing of MPTS into SPTS 

◆Processing for Up to 512 programs in SPTS/MPTS multiplexing, Option scrambling

◆High density, high quality, high performance, high flexibility

◆Reboot in Web-GUI

◆Error Monitoring on each input and Detailed bit rate measurement of incoming services 

◆Select Two output modes: In/Out Passthrough; Mux

◆MPEG-2 TS over UDP, RTP IP out 

◆PID filter, Re-Map, Pasthrough with User-Defined PID Value and any Index of In/Out TS

◆EPG EIT Table passthrough

◆Flexible configuration Service ID, Program Name

◆PAT, CAT, SDT, TDT, TOT PSI/SI generation automatic

◆Low power consumption and high reliability with MTBF(Mean Time Between Failure) ≦87600 Hours

◆Support Get Brownser UTC Time and Selectable Time Zone

◆5 years Warranty 

◆Front panel for direct alarm status information 

◆Easy control using web browser and local front panel 


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