DCM730 ASI to ASI Mux and Scrambler

1.8 channels DVB -ASI input per chassis

2. 16*mpts ip output

3. Auto-generation and manual upload for PSI/SI information

4. Real-time monitoring bitrate statistics

Product Details


   DCM730 Digital Content Manager (DCM) MPEG Processor is a compact 1RU platform capable of processing a high number of MPEG video streams. The MPEG Processor is the intelligent headend processing equipment where the combination of compactness and flexibility leads to a cost-effective solution. Based on our experience, brings operational and economic benefits in MPEG processing applications. The optional built-in DVB scrambler allows easy integration with several Conditional Access (CA).

    DCM730 Professional DCM platform is an ideal solution for multiplexing, scrambling of MPEG streams which provide a cost effective, versatile and efficient for delivering digital TV content over DVB-ASI that Integrates up to 8 separate DVB-ASI inputs and De-encapsulates and Routes Any or All Selected Transport Streams via 2 same ASI Output Port, Speaking of the function. It is equivalent to a multiplexer with 8 channels input and an independent scrambler.

    DCM730 Supports advanced PSI and descriptor handling capabilities. PSI, SI tables can be regenerated and played out, changing dynamically according to input changes and configurations. Integration with SI-Editor allows customized PSI/SI situations to be addressed.


◆6 tuner inputs (DVB-S/DVB-S2/DVB-C/ISDB-T Optional)+2 ASI inputs or 8ASI input

◆De-encapsulates and Routes Any or All Selected TS outputs

◆Support processing for multiplexing PSI/SI Table

◆PID filtering, mapping and pass-through 

◆Input data rate range: ≤214Mbps

◆Output DVB-ASI: ≤100Mbps

◆Auto-generation and manual upload for SI/PSI information

◆Up to 4 CAS simul-cryption, suitable for multiple CA manufacturers.

◆Transrating of MPEG2/MPEG4 AVC SD and HD

◆Management via WEB and local front panel

◆Integrated, compact 1-RU platform saves rack space and reduces operating costs

◆Low network jitter, low latency, high PCR precision 

◆Easy-to-Use System Management

◆Real-time monitoring bit rate statistics


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