It is a powerful and use-friendly QAM Analyzer intended to monitor and report the health of the Digital Cable and HFC network.

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DB-CMTS8500 is a sub-system as rackmount to continuously monitor frequency /amplitude/ constellation/ BER responses for all QAM channels. It is a powerful and use-friendly QAM Analyzer intended to monitor and report the health of the Digital Cable and HFC network.

It’s able to continuously log all measurements values in report files and to send SNMP traps in real-time if selected parameters’ values over defined thresholds. For troubleshooting a WEB GUI allows remote / local access to all monitored parameters at the physical RF layer and DVB-C / DOCSIS layers.

As the number of Digital Cable TV and DOCSIS subscribers keeps increasing worldwide and Quality of Service has become a significant element to reduce subscribers churn, DB-CMTS8500 is the ideal tool to achieve cost-effective 24/7 monitoring of the quality delivered to all points of a Digital Cable network. The cable operator can deploy it at the headend / hub, along the last mile, or at the subscriber premise. By using these monitoring parameters, operator can be proactive in correcting the cable quality issue and also to locate the area where degradation is impacting service.


Remote and local monitoring of the health of your CATV network

Can store at least 3 days of monitoring logs and alarm logs with 15min scanning interval for 80 Channels configuration

Signal Level / BER / SNR can be set via WEB UI or MIB, and alarm messages can be send via SNMP TRAP or displayed on the webpage

Easy to show the scan results in a web browser

Easy to change monitored channels in table

Spectrum for HFC plant

Constellation for specific frequency

Real-time and Continuous QAM monitoring

Validation of HFC forward path and transmission RF quality

Embedded Spectrum Analyzer from 5 MHz to 1 GHz


DVB-C and DOCSIS full support

ITU-J83 Annexes A, B, C support

Auto distinguish RF Signal Type

User defined alert parameter and threshold, support two channel profile: plan A /plan B

2x RF in, 4x RJ45 (2x WAN + 2x LAN) ports in 1 RU

RF key parameters accurate measurements

TCP / UCP / DHCP / HTTP / SNMP support

Standalone unit

Monitor Parameters

Demodulation status: Lock / Unlock

64 QAM / 256 QAM / 4096 QAM (Option) / OFDM (Option)

RF Power Level: -15 to + 35 dBmV

MER: 0 to 50 dB

Pre-FEC BER and RS correctable count

Post BER and RS uncorrectable count



Both DVB-C and DOCSIS Digital Cable network monitoring (24/7)

Multi-channel monitoring

Real-time QAM Analysis


QAM Analyzer

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