Dvb-s2 To Qam Modulator

Overview IPQ6250S DVB-C Transmodulator provides a best-of-class and high density All-In-One QAM transmodulators for cable TV operators, Hotel/Hospitally TV system in Coax Cable transmission, can be ensured that they will have a scalable, reliable, high performance video stream services for years...

Product Details


IPQ6250S a professional broadcast grade device dedicated to three-network convergence platform in the high speed IP-based head-end series, which is a new generation of modular & high density Edge QAM modulator combining multiple Gigabit Ethernet input, transport stream re-multiplexing, scrambling, maximum 96 QAM modulation in a 1U rackmount unit. 

It supports 32/64/96 QAM channels and 1+1 redundant & hot-swappable power supplies for high reliability and stability of system. Its pay-as-you-grow modular design, flexible configurations and licensing mechanism are making the IPQ6250S unparalleled scalability, reliability and system performance to cable operators.  

With the IPQ6250S, cable operators can be ensured that they will have a scalable, reliable, high performance video stream services for years into the future. It can be applied to cable DTV head-ends, sub head-ends and VOD networks.


1RU modular design, 3 modules in total (Pluggable module)

32 QAM carriers output per module, (96 QAM carries in total)

Support ITU-T J.83 A/C modulation, the output frequency range is: 47MHz~900MHz Annex

Modulation module can work in 16QAM, 32QAM, 64QAM, 128QAM, 256QAM and other modes

Output data bit rate range: single path 15.5 ~ 51.6Mbps

up to 32/64/96 carriers output

Each channel has the option of an independent switch

RF single channel output data symbol rate range: 2.2 ~ 7Mbaud

Output level range: 95dBuV ~ 115dBuV

adjusting the gain, Balanced band level, level adjustment range is 0 ~ 20dB

Support PCR auto calibration

IP port supports burst and uniform input stream, and the code stream is implemented with uniform code to improve the efficiency of the output stream

data input and output parameters configured flexibly

automatic generation of SI/PSI information and manual upload

Sopport automatic generation or manual editing of network information, upload local network information subsection

PID filtering, mapping and transmission supported

Supports up to 4 CAS with the same density, DVB-CSA scrambling

-20dB RF test port soppurted

Tracking filter circuit design to ensure excellent out of band rejection performance

Support equipment operating parameters in and out

Support multi language user interface to meet the needs of the market at home and abroad

With working temperature, power supply monitoring function

opened through software licensing by a variety of configurations 

Web browser management for local and remote management, monitoring and control

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