Dvb-t Rf Modulator

◆ high integrated with 16/32 AV channels in to 8 DVB-C or 8 DVB-T RF out
◆ ASI, 1 DVB-C and 255 IP channels in
◆ 4 Simul-Crypt CAS only for DVB-C
◆ with 8 MPTS output
◆ Low Cost per channel - Breakthrough Price

Product Details


    MSM621  Provides a highly flexible solution for delivery of any cable and encrypted Satellite set top box, Blue Ray and DVD player, IPTV video content all SD MPEG-4 video can be simultaneously output over IP and RF(DVB-C/T), No Needs to wire new cables as it shares the existing antenna coax cables to deployed with Analog TV network.

    It has 2 models, Model 1: 16 channels; Model 2: 32 channels. For Model 2, 32 channels supporting 1 encoding modulating module and 1 encoding module, and both modules accept analog CVBS inputs. After multiplexing the 16 encoded TS (17~32 channels) to the encoding modulating module through 1 ASI port and 1 IP port with one MPTS, and then generating 8 MPTS output through data port. 



Principle Chart 

dvb-t rf modulator..png


dibsys test.jpg





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