EMI3381 8 ch h264 hd rf modulator

◆ Encoder, modulator and mux all in one
◆ 4 QAM/ATSC channels out or 2 DVB-T/ISDB-T channels out
◆ IP ( 8 SPTS/1 MPTS) and RF out simultaneously
◆ Powerful and economic

Product Details


8 ch h264 hd hdmi rf modulator

    EMI3381is a Cost-effective,high definition MPEG4 AVC broadcast distribution encoder with QAM modulation and RF up- conversion built in. It has equipped with up to 8 channels of HD inputs, 1 ASI input, and output with 2 ASI ports, 1 UDP IP port, and 1 RF port. The signals source could be from satellite receivers, closed-circuit television cameras, Blue-ray players, and antenna etc. Its output signal is to be received by a DVB-C/DVB-T/ATSC/ISDB-T standard TV, STB.

    EMI3381can be used in public place such as metro, market hall, theater, hotels, resorts, etc for advertising. It also can be used for monitoring, training and educating in company, schools, campuses, hospital… besides that it’s a good choice for bars to offer HD sports channels, for VIP entertainment channels, and more.


◆ Up to 8 channel HD Encoding per chassis

◆ Simultaneous outputs via IP, DVB-ASI and modulated interfaces

◆ Support Single, Dual, Quad Modular channel out

◆ Advanced MPEG-4 AVC HP@L4 video compression

◆ ASIC technologies which offer broadcast video quality, generally video bitrate advised 720p about 2mbps, 1080p about 5mbps for lowest bitrates

◆ HD 1.3a interface, Auto detect the HD input of resolutions

◆ Resolution: 1080p,1080i, 720p@50/60Hz, 576p, 480p

◆ RF attenuation range is from 0 ~ -24dbm (81~97dbμV) with 0.1db step.

◆ Cascading via DVB-ASI or RF Port

◆ Excellent modulation quality MER≥42dB

◆ Optional DVB-C (QAM), DVB-T (COFDM), ATSC-T, ISDB-T modular

◆ RF frequency: 30-1000MHz, 1khz step

◆ High performance standard of Encoder/Modulator with superior RF specifications, stream and processing functionality

◆ PSI/SI generate and NIT insertion, LCN modify

◆ PID filter, Pass and remapping

◆ High quality video and audio outputs

◆ Management via WEB, Local front panel with LCD

◆ Easy-to-Use System Management


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