ENC3184M 8CH Low Latency SD Encoder

◆8xCVBS input
◆Simultaneous encoding in MPEG-2 and H.264 formats
◆Resolution: 480I,576I
◆MPEG-1 Layer,AAC audio encoding,AC3 2.0(Option)
◆Optional CC(Closed Caption)

Product Details


ENC3184M simultaneously encodes video/audio feeds as MPEG-2 SD 4:2:0 and MPEG-4 AVC (H.264) SD 4:2:0,using MPEG-1 Layer-II, LC AAC,HE AAC,AC3 audio compression.designed to address this ever increasing demand for more video and audio services. with efficient bitrate utilization,high reliability and advanced compress arithmetic,it possible to transmit high quality video content at the lowest possible bandwidth. And produce ASI(MPTS Mode) and IP(SPTS/MPTS) output data streams.

With its standard IP interfaces, The ENC3184 provides significant operational advantages and cost benefits by connecting encoders, DCM Series and IP QAM modular and video iptv server via a switched IP network rather than port-to-port ASI interconnects. As a result, any encoder anywhere in the network can efficiently be part of any multiplex,essentially creating a “virtual headend”


◆Up to 8 channels composite and 8 pairs R/L analog audio per chassis
Advanced MPEG-2 MP@ML4:2:0 and MPEG-4 AVC 4:2:0(H.264) ASIC technologies which offer broadcast video quality, generally for SD about 2.0mbps(MPEG-2),800kbps (H.264) for ultra-low bitrates
Simultaneous content encoding in MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 AVC formats in a variety of standard video resolutions 
MPEG-1 Layer,LC_AAC, HE_AAC_V1,V2 audio encoding,AC3 2.0(Option)
Optional CC(Closed Caption) 
MPEG- TS over IP output
In iptv applications ,creation of multiple SPTS which can be multicast/unicast to 8 different ports or IP addresses
in DVB applications,set one MPTS to one IP address or port
Range of encoding of video output: 0.5~5.5Mbps(H.264); 1.0~5.5Mbps(MPEG-2)
NIT and SDT Insertion 
Low Latency mode
Screen ratio:16:9;4:3 
VBR/CBR Video Mode 
1 way ASI inputs with multiplexing
Simultaneous outputs via SPTS/MPTS over UDP/RTSP Protocol 
Either MPTS or any of SPTS via ASI out
Filter Null packet Support
From 1 to 7 TS packets/IP packet
Real-time monitor & configure the system status and parameter locally in front panel
Management via SNMP and local front panel
Reliable:Hardware based for 24/7 operation
Easy-to-Use System Management


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