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Dibsys at World Class Exhibitions

In 2019 Dibsys participated for IBC, 

AMSTERDAM—The 2019 IBC Show, Sept. 13-17, at the RAI in Amsterdam, in here everyone will find an inspiration or two at the industry’s most influential media, entertainment and technology event in Europe.

IBC 2019


This year HAOXUN Technologies brings 4K 4G encoder Magicbit and Caster-T312 plus, Hotel IPTV SYSTEM, Q series Encoder Modulator Gateway and Magicbox Economic IPTV Encoder Transcoder, Carrier Grade 4K HD IPTV Encoder Transcoder to this event. We not only shows the latest scientific research to the industry and the guests, but also deepens the whole industry chain from content, network to terminal for DTV /IPTV/CMTS operators.


We here at Dibsys express our gratitude to our Clients for all the support during the exhibition, as well as your input to boost our equipment development and perfection.


HAOXUN Technologies in Jornadas Internacionales ATVC 2019

Jornadas Internacionales ATVC 2019 is one of Latin America's main tech events. Here, equipment manufacturers, pay-TV operators, and telecommunications companies from around the world determine the future of the industry.



HAOXUN Technologies aims to provide perfect DTV /IPTV/CMTS products and services, and has won the operators high recognition after years of deep operation.