Flexible Encoding Modulating Board Combination H.264 Ip To HD Encoder Modulator

☆ Advertising, monitoring, training and educating ☆ Upgrade all your analog Head-ends to digital TV Solution ☆ Enterprise, Hotel, campus, hospital, Public Place ☆ Low cost Digital TV distribution

Product Details


Q2 is a flexible encoding&modulating board combination of encoder modulator and transmodulator, this HD/RF to RF Modulators headend units are an ideal product to create your own digital TV channels over existing coax. The channel sources from any RF tuner and HD devices can be easily distributed to all your televisions quickly and efficiently, and the best quality HD picture allows you to broadcast any HD/RF device into your RF modulated channel at the lowest cost per channel.

Q2 is an all-in-one device integrated encoding (MPEG4/AVC H.264), multiplexing and modulation functions in one standard 1 Ru case. It has total 6 module, each module can support 4 tuner or 4 HD input, total up to 8 RF output. In a word, it can convert HD and RF signals input to RF out. It is also equipped with ASI ports to input and output, and IP port to output TS. Its flexible configuration is making it extremely scalable, reliable with high performance.

Q2 is an efficient, low-cost digital TV headend device, which can be used in public place such as metro, market hall, theatre, hotels, resorts for advertising. It also can be used for monitoring, training and educating in company, campus, hospital.


   ☆ Distribute 8/12/16/20/24 FTA Tuners or HD content over RF to an unlimited number of TVs

   ☆ flexible encoding&modulating board combination

   ☆ Selectable DVB-S2, ISDB-T, DVB-C, DVB-T, DTMB, ATSC free to air Tuners inputs

   ☆ Optional DVB-C (QAM), DVB-T (COFDM), ATSC-T, ISDB-T, DTMB Modulation, 8*Carrier RF Out

   ☆ In modulation Mode, support 128*IP input

   ☆ Two separate ASI input for External TS Multiplexing

   ☆ Simulaneously 1*MPTS and N*SPTS over UDP/RTP IP out

   ☆ 4 separate multiplexing and Up-converter modulating adjacent carrier out

   ☆ Selectable the Value of PCR PID same as Video PID

   ☆ LCN (Logical Channel Number) support

   ☆ PSI/SI editing & inserting

   ☆ PID Remapping & Filtering

   ☆ VBR and CBR mode

   ☆ Selectable LOGO,QR code,OSD insertion for every, All or Each module of local channel

   ☆ Support PCR correct and PCR interval adjusting

   ☆ Superior Shoulders and Excellent modulation quality MER

   ☆ Easy-to-Use System Management via Web

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