GbE IP To 16 ISDB-T Modulator

Multi-functional ISDB-T Modulator combining multiple GE input, transport stream multiplexing, ISDB-T modulation channels in a 1U rackmount unit.

Product Details

M50 is a Multi-functional ISDB-T Modulator combining multiple GE input, transport stream multiplexing, ISDB-T  modulation channels in a 1U rackmount unit. It is an ideal solution for environments where you have a large number of displays over almost any distance such as Small and Medium Scale of Digital TV broadcasting System, Hotel, stadiums, Campus, entertainment facilities, Education Markets in limited budget. Designed especially for high channel density Distribution Video Engineering project where rapid deployment, compatibility IP source inputs and ISDB-T Carrier RF outputs Simultaneously as like Brazil, Japan standard.

Equipped with two IP In/Out data ports reception or streaming of MPEG compliant transport streams over UDP/RTP,  each port operates independently and can be configured as either IP in and IP out supporting full 840 Mbit/s TS data rate and up to 256 MPEG services. 

The full content of an input port can be mapped transparently and Multiplex to an output modulated Carrier Channel with the option to perform PID filtering or service filtering. The module can be provided with either RJ45 connectors or SFP connectors on the two data ports.


Selectable RJ45 or SFP interfaces port of 2 GbE IP inputs and modulated carriers RF outputs of ISDB-Tb modulation per 1RU Chassis 

Up to 256 SPTS or MPTS Inputs over GbE Port

Multi-Channel No-adjacent Carrier RF output as mirror of IP out after Multiplexing 

PID Filtering, Remapping and Passthrough Capabilities with User-Defined PID Value and any Index of In/Out TS

EPG EIT Table passthrough

LCN (Logical Channel Number) support

Support NIT Table Insertion from Web, PSI/SI Editor and IP source inputs

Multiplexing and transparent pass-through of  two operating modes for each modulated carrier output

TS Re-multiplexers with PSI/SI regeneration,Editing & inserting and PID processing

PCR correction to accurately correct several PCR of the input data

Excellent RF performance, Gain Level: -20 - +10dBm; Gain offset:10dB; BW:50-960Mhz; MER ≥ 40dB

Max.Level RF out much higher than the normal standard output level 0dBm, it will reduce the number of amplifier during the long distance transmission of the project. Increase reliability and cut the cost

Easy-to-Use System Management via Web

Diagnostics report, log printing of Kernal and System information

Main Application

Distribute IP source to All TVs Over Existing TV Coax

Advertising, monitoring, training and educating

Upgrade all your analog Head-ends to digital TV Solution

Enterprise, Hotel, campus, hospital, Public Place

Works with Digital TV transmitter in wireless TV broadcasting

Low cost Digital TV distribution

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