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MSM623 encode modulato r up to 12 HD sources , the latest new devices which integrate encoding (MPEG- 4 AVC/H.264 ) and modulation (DVB-C) to convert Video /A udio signals into RF output. It has 8/12 channels HD, 128 IP input from two GE & one FE port. It supports 4 multiplexing channels,...

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    MSM623 H.264 encoder modulator up to 12 HD sources from Satellite Receiver, PC, Blue ray and Local Playout, the new device HD Encoder Modulator which integrate encoding (MPEG-4 AVC/H.264) and modulation (DVB-C QAM/ DVB-T Cofdm) to convert Video/Audio signals into RF over Single Coax Cable.

    The unit HD Encoder Modulator is designed especially for high channel density Distribution Video Engineering project, HD Encoder Modulator which can support rapid deployment, OSD/Logo Insertion and compatibility IP source and DVB-C RF inputs simultaneously. It used in some of the most Hotels in the world, HD Encoder Modulator is a perfect solution for environments where displays to an unlimited number of displays over almost any distance, such as Small Digital TV system, Hotel, Stadiums, Campus, Entertainment facilities, Education Markets and others.

    MSM623 HD Encoder Modulator which works with 128 UDP/RTP IP IGMP2.0 source and one Clear DVB-C Tuners inputs together, and up to 12 HD inputs. All in One Multiplexer and Scrambling MPEG-TS out Over 4 adjacent RF Channels as mirrored of 4 MPTS over LAN network. HD Encoder Modulator is also characterized with high integrated, high performance and  breakthrough price.

8/12 channels hdmi to dvb-c encoder modulator

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