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DIBSYS hotel solution is a special edition of DIBSYS products that customized for integration with hotel property management system (PMS). Especially its Android based STB can support client with its various requests within the time in the hotel. We can provide following services to hotel client directly operate from TV.

Welcome page, hotel introduction display in the checking-in.(Add scrolling subtitles message or advertisement during the program)

By clicking the menu button,customer can enter the hotel service, eight sections of services are provided to hotel guests as following:

-  Live 

-  VOD

-  Food

-  Service

-  Sceneries

-  Billing 

-  Phone (Three screen interactions)

-  APPs (Web surfing, Gaming, Radio, Photos, and Content from external USB equipment)

For the content and layout of each section, please look at the following screen-shot for the further information. Dibsys has self-developed system-level hotel IPTV which enables multi-screens operation and sharing IPTV services on phone/pad via wifi. This function can satisfy more than one guest’s entertainment needs at the same time.

Custom-build a set-up, designed especially for a hotel's very own needs, such as hotel introduction,  catering services, shopping service, sceneries inquiries, billing information, etc.

Provide a flexible third party business interface, can be connected to the hotel reception, or imported  world clock, weather, flight, call service, market management, government information, etc.

Android OS uniform platform, support multi-screen function and multiple terminal accesses.

Provide video on-demand (VOD), replay, time shift, interactive games and other interactive services.

Distribute terrestrial and satellite television programmers to every room all the way through the building flexible, controllable signage and corporate branding.

Hotel IPTV can deliver a vast range of local and foreign language channels.

Customized UI design for the clients, new experience in the fashion and sports fields.

Unparalleled network security.

All programs will be available on demand. Amongst alternative pluses, a network based video recorder  enables them to record programmers from the Electronic Programmers Guide when they are out, to watch  later at a more convenient time.

Costs, space and energy are saved by dispensing with free view IPTV Boxes, video recorders and even  TVs where PC viewing is adopted.

IPTV turnkey solution for the hotel is that it continues to be lower maintenance, while still delivering a   high-end service with little or no fuss.

Menu page

Menu page includes scroll subtitles at both upper and lower sides, which push advertising, hotel introduction, or other information. In the middle, it is a display of hotel video/photo or hotel logo and up to 10 photos can be  showed. Under the picture, there is entrance to various server menus.Click the “phone”; you can get the QR code.  Scanning by phone/pad to install the APKs, it will achieve multi-screen function.


Hotel Services

It can improve hotel service level by providing value-added service. With hotel iptv, people do get more convenient experience  in life service. Also, it is a great promotion of consumption  patterns that  help  your business. 

Special food promotion: support picture, video and character form. Customer can choose food at the certain categories, such as western food, Chinese food, and check the selected order in “my order”.


Management of my hotel: edit name, picture, classfication, description.

Local attractive promotion: It is a service of sceneries introduction that can meet quest’s travel inquiry,  understanding local customs and practices. Clicking the picture, quests can view the sceneries’ detailed  introduction and map, traffic information. 


Movie and TV

 Watch HD or SD videos on VOD server .
  Support different audio tracks and subtitles.
  Movie information, preview, imdb score and other updated information.


Manage live TV channels

Multiple APPs canbe added in network condition.

IPTV business management 
Receive clients' demand and reply, records of cunsumption.



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