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Product Details

Based on years of video processing core technology, dibsys company developed out of a high-quality professional TS stream subtitle ad inser-tion equipment --- TS stream high-definition digital teletext subtitles.It is a leading value-added services based on high-definition digital programming broadcast commercials equipment.

In configuration system, it supports MPEG-2, H.264 and other video formats, support for HD, SD and other different video resolution,supports IP, ASI and other different input and output interfaces.

In the value-added services it can meet the advertising pictures and captions, notification,weather, and other value-added services combined,It supports a variety of elements subtitles, logo, subscript, animation, clock, the same or separate insert broadcast aired.

In security, support different levels of power failure bypass, fault bypass, focusing on time safety switch and other safety broadcast function.TS stream high definition digital image-text subtitles with a more prominent reliability, security, flexibility and proven operating software for customers, it can be widely used in DVB, IPTV, streaming media and other fields.

• Support for Broadcast H.264, MPEG-2 format VAS HD programming load;

• Support for subtitles, logo, subscript, animation, and other elements of the clock while inserting broadcast;

• Embedded high performance superimposed subtitles and graphics processing technology, to meet the professional-level ad display;

• Support a variety of flexible programs grouping, template design, business and broadcast series single control;

• Support for a variety of packet-based service program mode, a single program can reach different broadcast management business;

• flexible template design, rich display configuration options, accurate preview of the broadcast;

• Supports fixed length, regular spots, postponed spots, manual emergency announcements such as a comprehensive single schedule programmed combinations;

• support the business independent of the broadcast table management titles, image ads, logo, safety switching;

• support efforts to improve the system log and broadcast management log;

• Support for remote clients to edit and broadcast management;

• Stand-alone support any frequency within 2 to 4 business processing high-definition programming;

• Support ASI and IP input and output interfaces, support power-down and fault bypass function;

• Support for embedded TS demultiplexing and TS re-multiplexing module, no external multiplexers;

• scalable to support business RF, IP, ASI, DS3, and other application environments encrypted program is loaded

Horizontal video resolution

• 1920/1440/1280/1024

Vertical video resolution

• 1080/768/720

Video Format

• H.264 / AVC Main Profile Level1-3

• H.264 / AVC High Profile Level4

• MPEG-2 Main Profile, Main Level;

• MPEG-2 Main Profile, High Level

Audio Format

• MPEG1 Layer II


• AC3

Input Interface

• Gigabit Ethernet port TS Over IP input

• 4xASI

Output Interface

• Gigabit Ethernet port TS Over IP output


Physical Characteristics

• Size: 1RU standard chassis

• Weight: 3.5Kg

• Input voltage: 100-240 Adaptive

• Power consumption: up to 300W

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