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Break NEWS!!! In many parts of Germany place, DVB-T HD will instead DVB-T

Apr 24, 2017

After the start of the new DVB-T HD satellite TV network, the platform operator Freenet estimated that between 1.2 and 1.5 million TV sets were equipped with a corresponding receiver for the new standard. This means that almost all households that receive the TV signal via an antenna on their main unit are likely to be equipped for DVB-T. Altogether, there are 3.4 million households in Germany who receive the TV signal terrestrially, but more than half live on their second or third unit.


Freenet has decided to release Freenet since 160,000 paying customers. By the middle of the year, however, Freenet expects an increase to 500,000 customers. By the end of the year, the number is expected to rise to over 800,000 customers.


At the end of March, the antenna standard DVB-T was cut off in many parts of Germany. Meanwhile, approximately 1.5 million households use the successor DVB-T HD.


For updates this DVB-T system to DVB-T system, you can check the DIBSYS DVB-T Modulator NetMode6420 It is our new product developed complying with the DVB-T standard. With its advanced modulating technology, this modulator can effectively make use of the ground spectrum resources and make it possible to provide reliable signals for fixed, mobile and portable devices. Compared with DVB-T, the channel capacity is increased by 30% under the similar carrier to noise ratio (CNR) threshold.


It's main application, MFN/SFN synchronized transmissions, DVB-T digital TV broadcast (SFN/MISO transmission, Single and Multi PLP broadcasting, Regional TV distribution), DVB-T digital TV broadcast DTT transmitters integration.