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Cost Effective Distribute Video to Anywhere

May 25, 2016

Cost Effective Distribute Video to Anywhere

Upgrade all your analog Head-ends to Digital

Cost-effective - solution to distribute your Video Signals with Perfect Digital Quality

Signal quality - won’t degrade like analog

Simple configuration - add or upgrade channels in minutes

Clear QAM broadcast - works with all standard HDTVs

Using the existing Coaxial analog Cable - combined with the other TV channels


In order to facilitate the hotel hospital and other commercial establishments on live television. Recommended cable digital cable systems compared with coaxial based on IPTV and analog TV more cost-effective.you can receive it on all TVs through the existing antenna cables, also combined with the other TV channels.


8 AV of mpeg-2 SD in 1RU chassis

8 channels fit on 2 RF frequencies

Through ASI/RF input could Cascading multiple devices

Digital quality at 480i and 576i



   8 HDMI of H.264 encoding

   8 channels fit on 2 RF frequencies

   Digital quality up to 1080p



8 fta dvb-s/s2 Tuners inputs

Four adjacent frequency RF out

Support multiplexer and scrambling



256 udp/rtp IP inputs

16 Non-adjacent frequency RF out

Support multiplexer and scrambling

IP out via multiplexed or scrambled


Video terminal



LED TV built-in Clear QAM Tuners


Technical BENEFITS

8* Composite, 4*hdmi and hd-sdi, 8* dvb-s/s2 Tuners dvb-c modulator in 1RU Chassis

Direct connection to satellite or others receivers Redistribute high quality content

Digital quality at 480i/576i–SD, 720p /1080i/p HD, sources deliver stunning,performance and full digital quality while respecting content broadcast requirements

Generate NIT,BAT,SDT Table via PSI/SI Editor


All RF mixer via cascading

Analog Audio – internally Mpeg-1 Layer II encoded and broadcast as digital.

Support programs sorting according with requirements

Auto and Manual search program

Easily integrate and balance into new or existing antenna cables distribution systems to upgrade to digital video.

Easy installation – simply unplug your old analog modulator and plug those same wires into this new digital modulator, and go on.

Main Application

Hotel/Hospital/Building/Shopping mall/residential/School/Bars...


Customer Case Analysis

Here is one of our customer’s hotel case which using DVB-C, and we made a solution for him.


1. 40 HD and 20 SD encrypted channels; after receiving by the satellite receiver, we recommend EMI3381, it can support 8*HDMI input, h.264 encoding, RF and IP output.

---In this case , it will need 8 sets of EMI3381 for 40 HD and 20 SD channels. Here we also use EMI3381 HDMI input, because it will provide no damage video quality.


2. 30 SD and 5 HD FTA channels in 5 TP

---One set QAM6248 is enough. It also can support 2 ASI input.


3. 16 Local channels

---Two sets of ENC3084: 8 in 1 Low bitrate MPEG-2 Encoder.

4. 400 rooms in the hotel

---400 sets of DVB-C HD Set top box STB210.


Compared with analog TV, the image will be more clear, which can make use of the HDTV with the QAM RF tuners in one step to upgrade to digital television, and bring you enjoy the high-definition TV life experience.

Compared with the IPTV system, the upgrade and maintenance cost is more lower. And also can use the existing coaxial cable, and other existing programs to watch more TV programs.

More stable and reliable, and scalable

Easy to Maintenance and Management System,front panel LCD for easy channel viewing and LAN port for advanced and remote configuration.

Apart from supporting DVB-C standards, it also supports which according to the customer’s other standards demand of equipment such as applicable to the Japan /South American ISDB-T,European DVB-T, North American ATSC standard.

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