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Comprehensive Broadcast Distribution Solution DVB-T Solution

Nov 14, 2017

A choice for Dibsys DVB-T distribution solution

As broadcasters migrate to HD and seek to deliver an enhanced user experience, they are also under constant pressure to offer more services per multiplex as a means for reducing transmission costs. Dibsys, comprehensive DVB-T distribution solution can help Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) operators overcome these challenges by combining high compression efficiency with the ability to deliver outstanding video and audio regardless of the format and standard.

What does DIBSYS help to setup DVB-T Solution?

Based on the latest advancements in digital video compression technology including FTA/Encrypted channels receiving, HD/SD Encoding, Multiplexing and Scrambling, DVB-T Modulation and transmission.

DIBSYS DVB-T solution is flexible and scalable, and can be tuned to fit any customer-specific requirement. Possessing the widest DVB-T experience in the market, with headends installed in more than 60 countries, Dibsys is the ideal company to help you overcome today’s complex business challenges while delivering low total cost of ownership.