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Dec 27, 2016

Background Information

1. Introduction of DIBSYS

As a globally leading video streaming solution provider and one of China’s largest Internet TV hardware/software providers, DIBSYS Technologies Company is an expert and designer for providing video service over Internet with best user experience at lowest deployment cost. Founded in year 2009 in Hangzhou, With over 10,000 deployments for over 20 global business cooperators, backed up by a research team of over 50 staff dedicated in the area of video streaming for over 6 years, DIBSYS has proven expertise and experience in delivering advanced technology infrastructure to mobile operator, internet TV provider and PC terminal in hospitality market.

2. Common Features

Ø Custom-build a set-up, designed especially for a hotel's very own needs, such as hotel introduction, catering services, shopping service, sceneries inquiries, billing information, etc.

Ø  Provide a flexible third party business interface, can be connected to the hotel reception, or imported world clock, weather, flight, call service, market management, government information, etc.

Ø  Android OS uniform platform

Ø  Provide video on-demand (VOD), replay, time shift, interactive games and other interactive services.

Ø  Distribute terrestrial and satellite television programmers to every room all the way through the building flexible, controllable signage and corporate branding.

Ø  Hotel IPTV can deliver a vast range of local and foreign language channels.

Ø  Customized UI design for the clients, new experience in the fashion and sports fields.

Ø  Unparalleled network security.

Ø  All programs will be available on demand. Amongst alternative pluses, a network based video recorder enables them to record programmers from the Electronic Programmers Guide when they are out, to watch later at a more convenient time.

Ø  Costs, space and energy are saved by dispensing with free view IPTV Boxes, video recorders and even TVs where PC viewing is adopted.

Ø  IPTV turnkey solution for the hotel is that it continues to be lower maintenance, while still delivering a high-end service with little or no fuss.


3. Application


Ø  Hotel&hospitality, Community, Hospital, Enterprise, Campus...




DIBSYS Hotel IPTV Solution

1. Overview of the Solution

    DIBSYS hotel solution is a special edition of DIBSYS products that customized for integration with hotel property management system (PMS). Especially its Android based STB can support client with its various requests within the time in the hotel. We can provide following services to hotel client directly operate from TV.

  •   Welcome page, hotel introduction display in the checking-in.(Add scrolling subtitles message or advertisement during the program)

  •   By clicking the menu button, customer can enter the hotel service, eight sections of services are provided to hotel guests as following:

-  Live

-  VOD

-  Food

-  Service

-  Sceneries

-  Billing

-  APPs (Web surfing, Gaming, Radio, Photos, and Content from external USB equipment)

    For the content and layout of each section, please look at the following screen-shot for the further information.

2. Solution Screen Shots

All the UI design and hotel service details are based on the hotel requirement.

2.1 Guest Welcome Page

  Guest welcoming page includes scroll subtitles at both upper and lower sides, which push advertising, hotel introduction, or other information. In the middle, it is a display of hotel video/photo or hotel logo and up to 10 photos can be showed. Under the picture, there is entrance to various server menus.

  The menu displays 8 section services provided by hotel operator. Additional options and services can be customized on this list and users can easier flip over the icons on the menu to the next page.

2.2 Wifi function

Click the “wifi”; you can get wifi access point ( with wifi name and password)



2.3 Hotel Services

It can improve hotel service level by providing value-added service. With hotel iptv, people do get more convenient experience in life service.  Also, it is a great promotion of consumption patterns that help your business.


Special food promotion: support picture, video and character form. Customer can choose food at the certain categories, such as western food, Chinese food, and check the selected order in “my order”.

Local attractive promotion: It is a service of sceneries introduction that can meet quest’s travel inquiry, understanding local customs and practices. Clicking the picture, quests can view the sceneries’ detailed introduction and map, traffic information.


Other services:

-Recommend several of service facilities, like conference room, fitness, entertainment.

-Offer schedule flight information synchronous to airport, reveal the departure and arrival time of domestic or overseas airline.

-Support scrolling subtitles to play notification message, reveal check-in, check-out and consumption information and so on, even can push online message from guests.

2.4 Media Center

In the media center, hotel guests can watch news from their preferred live channels, preferred movies and radio from all over the world by using the edge cutting streaming delivery technology OTT. TV picture and voice are smooth and clear without any delay. In addition, guest can enjoy their photos, documents through connecting the STB with their storage devices. Hotel operator can set up their billing system like pay per view or package for selected channels or movies to generate revenue.

- Live TV

Live TV can play HD and SD program, and it support EPG with manual and automatic ways.

-  Video on Demand 

2.5 Entertainment

We could add more useful and fun application in the hotel solution for the entertainment in rooms for the entire customer who is interested in the android market.



3. Back-end Screen Shots

Dibsys hotel IPTV solution provide a unified management paltform with simple ueser interface, easy to operator, and high security acess. You can set up your service and content, as well as receive and manage business information. There are two language: Chinese and English.

For basic menu, it contains my hotel, ads management, recourse management,business management, package and authority management, and system information.


“My hotel“ bar contain all business of the hotel, to set the service like food or other, manage the information of request, and the orders can be dealed with in tme. The terms is listed clearly for you checking.



Menu bar about ads management are set the ads, manager can add text, image and so on. 


Program management is to manage the live TV and VOD program


“Client management” is to manage terminal users by STB and users’ information


“Authority” is to manage Administrator privileges.


Change the password. 


“System” to set the information of the system.

4. Cases of hotel IPTV solution

4.1 Simple hotel IPTV solution

It is a demand of analog signal to digital signal with 48 channels HD ávideo streaming program and 30 channels SD video streaming program for 120 rooms. The customer needs a low cost solution, so we recommend as below:

1). for the headend equipment:

The signal received from RF demodulators & decoder and output with HDMI/AV. For the video encoder, we used MagicBox HD316, which can support 16 channels CVBS+HDMI input simultaneously. Calculation is as follows:

HD: 48CH /16=3 sets

SD: 30CH/16≈2 sets

For the client’s requirements (48 HD and 30 SD channels project), 3 sets MagicBox HD316 is enough.


Meanwhile, the optional solution is using high quality broadcasting encoder: ENC3184 SD encoder and ENC3381 HD encoder. This is suitable for carrier grade operator who has more demand in performance.

HD: 48CH/8=6 sets

SD: 30CH/8≈4 sets

2). Hotel IPTV software: 1 set

3). STB140H Amlogic S805 Quad-Core IPTV Android STB: 120 sets

4.2 Resort hotel IPTV solution

  The system was complex as it was used in resort hotel where covered hotel, hospital, shopping, villa, etc. The signal sources are mainly from DVD player, monitor video signal (cctv signal), DVB-T RF, etc. As the buildings are dispersed, so transmission of all program were wireless and LAN. In the Network center we only need to set up the management server, IPTV middleware VOD server, IPTV gateway and other necessary equipment. The solution contained 200 program and we formulated special IPTV service for hotels, hospital, and departments to meet different demands.


Conceptual framework:


4.3 Hotel IPTV + Mini CMTS solution

It is a typical Hotel IPTV + Mini CMTS solution. The client’s requirements are as follows:

70 HD channels IPTV system exists, now want to share these 70 HD IPTV channels to 300 rooms of the hotel. The hotel already has the coaxial cable distribution. The requirement is users in each room can see the IPTV channels and sharing the other IPTV functions. In order to save the cost and take advantage of the existing coaxial cable distribution. In this solution, we introduce the Mini CMTS to firstly convert IP signals to Coaxial RF signal by using the Mini CMTS, and distribute all the channels via coaxial cable. At the room’s side, we can use a Cable Modem to convert coaxial RF signal to IP signal.  

Equipment configuration:

DB-CMTS8100_1RU CMTS: 1 set

Dibsys DOCSIS Cable Modem: 300 sets


Advantages: with the application of Mini CMTS and Hotel Cable TV system, customers can also get a more pleasant experience in the hotel.


4.4 Common hotel IPTV solution



Part 1: source receiver

In this solution, the signal received from antenna and dish. 



Part 2: Control room


This part is arranged for supporting IPTV server and encoding process. We use ENC3184 for SD channels encoding and ENC3381 for HD channels encoding. Calculation is as follows:

50CH/8=6.25 sets

40CH/8=5 sets

So there are 7 sets ENC3184 and 5 sets ENC3381, totally 12 sets encoder.

All programs are converged to Core switch and distributed to each floor switch.

Part 3: Terminal

We arranged one switch every three floors, add ground floor, it totally needed 6 sets of switch. And at every floor, we put corresponding number of wifi, LAN ports, and IP TV data port. There are 16 floors and one ground floor.


5. Overview of Product

5.1 Hardware-DIBSYS Android

    As the terminal device of hotel turnkey solution, the Set Top Box plays a significant role in display and customer enjoyment experience in the hotel rooms.

5.1.1 Android STB

Besides the traditional Linux OS STBs, DIBSYS innovates the next generation IPTV STB which is based on Android OS. Those of you with Android based set top boxes can experience IPTV for themselves with DIBSYS solution, that allows users to enjoy all the IPTV features applying hotel solutions.

    Bringing together all of our favorite Android features with IPTV features, including on Demand, pause and rewind and program guides, the DIBSYS hotel solution’s application provides a fast GUI, Android Web browsing, social networking & gaming.

Connected TV users are keeping pretty close to the line with mainstream entertainment services like Netflix, YouTube, Hulu Plus, Pandora and iPlayer making up the lion’s share of the apps used. Moreover, the gaming and order function could be achieved as well.


  In the hotel IPTV system, the IPTV gateway transmitted the traditional cable TV signal through coaxial cable to IP signal through the IP network. It is one of the key equipments in the whole IPTV system. Its advantages are as follows:

l  Direct digital satellite, digital cable TV signal TS stream decoding

l  High picture quality, no signal lossless

l  Signal delay is small, only a few seconds

l  Support for perfect HD signal

l  Save the cost of the analog front end, cable TV line

l  Small size, high integration, save the cabinet space


DIBSYS series IRD are broadcast-quality receiver, descrambler, decoder and interface converter that provides MPEG-2/H.264 SD/HD decoding, advanced transport stream processing, cutting-edge IP processing technologies and variety of front-ends, including DVB-S, DVB-S2,IP,etc.


Key Features

·         Variety of front-end options, including DVB-S, DVB-S2, IP

·         Decoding: MPEG-2 4:2:0 SD/HD, H.264(MPEG-4 part 10) main and high profile level 4.1

·         DVB-TS over IP output: UDP/RTP optional, unicast or multicast selective

·         DVB common interface (2 slots), Supports multiple CAS, such as: Conax, CryptoWorks, Irdeto, Mediaguard, Nagravision, SECA, NDS and Viaccess

·         ASI transport stream input and output

·         ASI input: 1 channel

·         ASI output: 2 channels

·         Video output: HD-SDI, Y/Pb/Pr, CVBS

·         Audio output: SDI embedded, AES/EBU, balanced stereo

·         NIT auto search

·         PMT auto-update

·         Auto-alarm for error conditions

·         LCD & keyboard on the front panel, Web-based and SNMP management

·         Software upgrade via Ethernet

·         Service and PID dropping, PCR adjusting and NULL stuffing (VBR-CBR) over ASI and IP output

Input Interface

·         DVB-S/S2

·         IP(optional)

Output Interface

·         1000M TS Over IP output

Physical and Power:

·         Size:1RU

·         Weight:5.5Kg

·         Power:100-240 VAC Auto-ranging

·         Power Consumption: Max 30W

5.1.3 DIBSYS encoder/transcoder

The DIBSYS multi-channel Encoder enable supporting various signal input(AV/RCA, HDMI, SDI, ASI and ip) and ip h.264 output for the hotel system.

Series Highlights

·         H.264 Encoding at HP@L4

·         MPEG-2 Encoding at MP@ML

·         Flexible Deploy: When used as one transcoder, support up to 8 Channels D1 Transcoding, or 4 Channels HD Transcoding in 1RU unit; when used as encoder, can support up to 8 channels D1 encoding.

·         Target VBR/Capped VBR or CBR support

·         Supports video rescaling to variety of resolutions, from D1 to 1920x1080

·         Multi-protocol support, including: UDP/RTP/RTMP

·         Management via embedded Web server, or external SNMP

·         Full Transcoding Solution. Handles the PSI tables, the video and the audio

·         Ideal for broadcast, IPTV and 3G applications

·         Broad range of audio encoding formats including MPGA, AAC

·         Offers very competitive price per channel

·         Live streaming to iPhone &iPad

·         Working Flow


5.2 DIBSYS-IPTV Headend



Head-end   equipments






8 Router RF FTA IRD   

1.8xDVB-S/S2 FTA RF in

2.Up to 14 mpts and 230 SPTS   out


4. One GbE RJ45 port

5.The mpeg2 and h.264   of  all streams are from dvb-s/s2   directly without

tran -scoding

1.Most channels from FTA   DVB-S2

2.Low cost 

3.Not need strictly video   bitrate if you have enough Internet Bandwidth



8 in 1 mpeg-2 SD Encoder

1.8 AV in and IP out


3.Only MPEG-2 SD encoding

1.Low cost 

2.Not need strictly video   bitrate if you have enough Internet Bandwidth



8 in 1 mpeg-2

H.264 SD Encoder

1.8 AV in and IP out

2.MPEG-TS   over


3.Both MPEG-2 and H.264   encoding

1.Low bitrate for good   quality

2.Strictly Video bitrate for   your LAN



8 in 1 H.264 SD/HD Encoder

1.8 HDMI(hdcp) in,IP out

2.MPEG-TS   over UDP/RTP

3.H.264 sd and hd encoding

1.Local player and DVB-S2 Encrypted channels from HD box   with HDMI out

2.For the Good Video watch by the big LCD TV.




4 encryped IRD with CI slot

1.4x DVB-S/S2 RF inputs

2.Insert the Cam Card with 4   CI slot

3.4 separate ASI/IP out

1.If the others channels   from Encrypted satellite TP, and you can get the Cam Card to descramble it

2.Get the channels directly   without transcoding

3.Not need strictly video   bitrate if you have  enough Internet   Bandwidth



IP+ASI/IP Gateway

1.Support 120 IP and 8 ASI   input

2. 450 MPEG-TS over IP out


Magicbox HD316

16 channels iptv h.264 encoder

1.16 CH HDMI/HDMI+AV/SDI, Dual power

2.H.264 ( Main Profile/High Profile/Baseline   Profile)

3.resolution: main stream is MAX 1080p; second   stream is MAX 720p

4.LC AAC V2.0,MP3(Option)

5.first stream: HTTP/RTSP/UDP select any one

second stream: RTMP