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HD(high-definition) video encoder

Sep 09, 2017

If we want to use a word to describe our early 21st century, then we must choose the word "smart". There are a lot of smart things around us, such as smart phones, smart computers, intelligent monitoring, etc., which have brought great convenience for our lives. At the same time perhaps we do not know a high-tech products, that is, high-definition video encoder, which is a more and more popular a device, its popularity in the professional field is very extensive, such as network live stream, iptv, OTT, live events, distance learning, broadcasting fileds, High-definition monitoring, Point to Point transmission etc.

For hd(high-definition) video encoder, the production process is more complex, but it is not difficult to use, the operation is relatively simple. There are mainly SDI encoder, HDMI encoder, VGA encoder and so on. DIBSYS HD encoders' main purpose is to encode the corresponding video and audio signal, to make them be real-time transmission streaming data, and support RTP / RTSP / RTMP / HLS / HTTP protocol, so that direct docking the corresponding video server software.

Then let us to learn more about the DIBSYS HD video encoder.  First of all we must first understand what is coding. Because the high-definition audio and video signals are very large volume, it is not conducive to direct video transmission, live, etc. . So the first the video and audio need to be encoded to make them better transmission. The current dibsys encoder using H.264 / HEVC, audio using AAC-LC / MP3 / AC3 and other coding. DIBSYS encoder is very easy to install and use, simply connect and set up ; Provides Web-based operation and management, supports standard RTP / RTSP / RTMP / HLS / HTTP protocol, some encoders support network management programming interface, can be easily integrated with a variety of software management platform. 

DIBSYS HD video encoder can receive such a big welcome because it can adapt to many occasions, such as we will see it in some class, but also in some live video. In short, there are video capture processing code there will be DIBSYS encoders.

Above is the specific role of DIBSYS HD encoder specific introduction, although there is variety of markets to see high-definition encoders, but I would like to remind you that we must pay attention to product quality problems