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HEVC: A new video coding standard,Twice the Efficiency

May 20, 2017

HEVC, also known as H.265, is a new video coding standard, ratified by the ITU and ISO in January 2013. Many leading technology companies and research groups contributed to the new standard. These organizations contributed their researcher's time, efforts, and intellectual property to create a significantly more powerful video compression standard, and the results are outstanding. A 1080p movie that required 6Mbps to be delivered in high quality with AVC/H.264 (today's most widely used video compression standard), typically only requires about 3Mbps to be delivered in the same quality with HEVC/H.265. The improved efficiency of HEVC results in significantly higher quality at any fixed bandwidth. So, for anyone trying to watch a video over a congested or bandwidth limited Internet connection, HEVC is able to deliver much better picture quality than AVC.

Dibsys  Anystream428  is a perfect carrier-grade video processing solution for next generation Broadcast, OTT, Mobile TV Head-End.  It supports Apple® HTTP Live Streaming, RTMP, Microsoft® Smooth Streaming, HTTP, RTSP, UDP and Works Well with Wowza and Ezserver, Nginx servers, Xtream-codes. Ideal Device for Creating High, Medium and Low Bit Rate Streams to deliver video to any android and IOS devices at superior quality. Designed for Cable, satellite and terrestrial, OTT, Mobile, Web, IPTV content distribution applications requiring Digital Video Broadcasting. The use of the HEVC Transcoder and Encoder enables an operator to deliver content of a given quality at a significantly reduced bandwidth or to deliver significantly higher quality video at a given bandwidth.