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Nov 15, 2017

MPEG-2 is an international standard for video and audio compression released by the MPEG Working Group in 1994. MPEG-2 is commonly used to provide video and audio encoding of broadcast signals, including satellite television, cable television and the like. MPEG-2 after a small amount of modification, has also become the core technology of DVD products.

The system description part of MPEG-2 (Part 1) defines transport streams, which are used as a set of mechanisms for transmitting digital video and audio signals over unreliable media and are used mainly in the broadcast television area.

The second part of MPEG-2, the video part, is similar to MPEG-1, but it provides support for interlaced video display modes (interlaced scanning is widely used in broadcast television). MPEG-2 video is not optimized for low bit rates (less than 1Mbps) and is significantly better than MPEG-1 at bit rates of 3Mbit / s and above. MPEG-2 is backwards compatible, meaning that all MPEG-2 decoders that match the standard will also be able to play back MPEG-1 video streams normally.

MPEG-2 technology is also used in HDTV transmission systems and Blu-ray discs.

The third part of MPEG-2 defines the audio compression standard. This section improves the MPEG-1 audio compression, support for more than two channels of audio. The MPEG-2 audio compression section also maintains backward compatibility features.

The seventh part of MPEG-2 defines audio compression that is not backward compatible. This section provides more audio capabilities. Usually we are talking about MPEG-2AAC refers to this part.

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