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Oct 14, 2017

The MPTS transport stream consists of one or more programs, each of which is composed of one or more original streams and some other streams, and only one stream of programs, called SPTS (Single-program transport stream) flow). Each MPTS stream includes video streams, audio streams, program special information streams (PSIs), and other data packets, organized by PSI (Program Special Info. Program Special Information). PAT (Program Association Table Program Table) and PMT (Program Map Table Program Map Table) in the PSI information form a tree index, which uniquely identifies each TS frame by PID (Packet ID Package Identification). Whether it is SPTS or MPTS, the composition of the packet length is fixed 188 bytes, including the "packet header" and "payload", the first four bytes is the packet header, contains some of the information of this group. In some cases, when you need more information, you need to add the "adaption field"

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