IRD1301 professional mpeg2 h 264 hd IRD Decoder

◆ single tuner in and ASI and IP in with SD/HD-SDI, HD, YPbPr, Composite and R/L analog audio
◆ Tuner with different version DVB-S/S2 (QPSK, 8PSK), DVB-C (QAM), DVB- T(COFDM), ISDB-T, ATSC-T
◆ resolution max 1080I, mpeg4 avc, mpeg2 video decoding, MPEG1 layer 2,AC3, HE-AAC(v2), LC-AAC decoding
◆ BISS supported
◆ DVB P2P transmission

Product Details


    IRD1301 is the professional high scalable, integrated receiver decoder (IRD), Multiple inputs to IP Gateway and MPEG-4 AVC stream processor. Featuring broadcast-quality HD/SD MPEG-2, MPEG-4 AVC (H.264) video decoders, It is ideal for full transport-stream distribution and contribution applications, including DVB scrambling and digital turnaround processing.

    IRD1301 supports a rich set of input options, ranging from multiple DVB-S/S2 (QPSK, 8PSK), DVB-C (QAM), DVB- T (COFDM), ISDB-T, ATSC-T to IP and DVB-ASI, Advanced features and flexibility for IPTV and HDTV Digital Headend Systems IPTV streams can also be received and sent over IP. The platform’s native IP interface seamlessly integrates into scalable, low-cost IP networks. 

    It is also a cost-effective IP to SDI/HD gateway, Which can distribute and deliver video with HD to IP 

H.264 encoder (ENC3211), it's point to point video application. 


TS Descrambler with two integrated DVB-CI/CI+ slot per chassis, up to decrypt 8 channel per CI module

◆Standard definition MAPEG-2 MP@ML, MPEG-4 AVC Main/High Profile 4.0, 3.0 video decoding

◆MPEG-1 Layer2, HE-AAC(V2), LC-AAC(option) , AC3 passthrough audio decoding

◆Selectable multiple inputs Tuners (DVB-S/S2/C/T / ISDB-T/ATSC-T), IP, and ASI

◆Multiple Input to IP and DVB-ASI Mode out: Mux, IP/Tuner/ASI-Passthrough

◆Both MPTS and up to 8 SPTS separate IP and Port outputs

◆Two group separate ASI out, Two duplicate ASI per Group

◆Video decoding Monitor LCD in the front panel

◆SD/HD-SDI, HD, YPbPr, Composite and R/L analog audio, S-Video, XLR digital audio outputs

◆Embedded BISS-1 and BISS-E Mode (DSNG-CA)


◆With full remultiplexing, capabilities, including PID filtering, remapping and table regeneration

◆More scalable and lower-cost transition to IP- based services

◆Resolution: PAL, NTSC, SECAM, 720p,1080i

◆Aspect Ratio Conversion 16:9, 4:3

◆FullHigh accuracy PCR correction

◆Management via SNMP, Local front panel with LCD

◆Input Single Strength and Quality self-detection

◆Easy-to-Use System Management


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