IRD1311 full hd ip decoder

◆ HD/SDI output max 1080I
◆ 2 CAM CI slot and BISS support
◆ MPEG-1 Layer II audio decoding and CC

Product Details


    IRD1311 IRD and Processor provides operators an ideal solution for receiving, remultiplexing, descrambling and decoding operations. Equipped with a variety of inputs that ensures compatibility with all transmission media. The IRD1311' s remultiplexing capabilities enable creation of new transport streams that are subsets of the original stream. Customized services may be output as multiple SPTS or MPTS over IP, as well as over ASI. By the dual DVB common interfaces, IRD1311 could decrypt multiple services in one transport stream or two.  IRD1311 is also a professional IRD that features a broadcast quality decoder for MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 in both Standard Definition and High Definition formats, and provides a variety of industry standard digital and analog outputs, including CVBS video, AES/EBU Audio, analog Audio, SD-SDI and HD-SDI. The unit also performs HD down-conversion and aspect ratio adaptation of HD programs to generate professional quality baseband analog video and audio outputs for easy integration with existing cable network infrastructure. This all-in-one architecture makes the IRD1311 an ideal product for distribution and contribution networks.


◆Telco Quality, Highly Reliable, High density 3-RU platform can process up to 200*SD, 96*720P, 48*1080P Full HD(1080P), 16*4K profiles

◆Variety of input options DVB-T/S2/S/C/T/ DTMB/ATSC/ISDB-T, TS/IP and ASI

◆Supports DVB-S2 Input Stream Identifier (ISI, optional) and DVB-T SFN MIP pass through

◆Redundant backup among Tuner, ASI and TS/IP with configurable priority

◆SD/HD MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 digital video decoding

◆Two Audio PIDs decode or pass through (compressed) in SDI output

◆Multiple Analog and Digital Outputs, ASI, CVBS, YPbPr, HD, SD/HD-SDI, AES/ EBU Audio, TS/IP

◆Built-in TS re-multiplexer receives ASI, Tuner and TS/IP Inputs

◆2×DVB-CI Slots, multi-program decryption, BISS-1 and BISS-E decryption

◆Dynamic PMT detection and automatic updating

◆Supports VBI TELETEXT, EBU/DVB Subtitle, Closed Caption

◆UDP/RTP, Unicast/Multicast, and 32 SPTS/ MPTS over IP (full duplex, optional)

◆Remote Control and Supervision by SNMP, HTTP WEB and Proprietary HDMS software

◆PCM audio embedded in SDI and HD outputs

◆PCM audio output on two AES/EBU audio output ports

◆On Site software update through IP

◆RSSI, received Eb/No & BER monitoring


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