IRD1340 4CH dvb-s2 IRD and Descrambler

◆ 4 DVB-S/S2(DVB-C/T option)/4 IP/4ASI simultaneously in to 4 MPTS out
◆ 4 CI slot, each card can max 72M bitrate decryption, whole chassis can up to 280M, 32 channels
◆ web management
◆ cost-effective

Product Details


    IRD1340 is a multi-channel, high performance professional receiver launched by DIBSYS, and was designed to demodulate and descramble up to four scrambled program streams from satellite (or cable, terrestrial) RF network and (or) Gigabit Ethernet network and local ASI.

    In order to cater for demands of interoperability of different operators and ever-growing data rate of television services, IRD1340 is equipped with four DVB-CI complied Common Interfaces to meet the demands of descrambling for different scrambled programs using different DVB SimulCrypt CA(s), and supports up to 280Mbps of de-scrambling output bit rate for high definition and standard definition TV programs. Compared to conventional traditional single-channel or dual-channel professional IRD, IRD1340 can deliver double or better capacity of descrambling for operators in 1RU only.

    IRD1340 supports Web browser and SNMP management for local and remote management and maintenance, which can significantly reduce management time and operating expense (OPEX) for operators. It enables operators to provide a wide range of highly cost-effective, high performance and high-quality services to subscribers with lower total cost of ownership (TCO).


◆Supports DVB-S/S2 (or DVB-C/DVB-T/DTMB) RF receiving & demodulation, TS descrambling

◆6MHz, 7MHz, 8MHz channel bandwidth

◆Supports up to four CAMs and can operate at independent and (or) cascading mode

◆Up to 72Mbps of descrambling bit rate each CAM, meeting different bandwidth requirements from SD to HD

◆Supports 280Mbps of maximum de-scrambling output bit rate and 32 TV programs simultaneously

◆Real-time bit rate statistics and program information analysis

◆Standard common interface comply with EN 50221, supporting most major CA systems

◆Supports TS-over-UDP input & output via Gigabit Ethernet and ASI outputs

◆Supports Web and SNMP management and maintenance

◆SPTS and MPTS are available

◆Front panel control and LCD display

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