MagicBox-HD304 4CH SDI RTMP Streamer

◆ h.264 video encoding and AAC/MP3 audio encoding
◆ HD and AV simultaneously in and HDCP supported
◆ Multi-protocol: RTSP, RTMP, HTTP, UDP, HLS(option)
◆ Picture/words OSD function
◆VBR/CBR, unicast and multicast for UDP

Product Details


    Lowest cost and easy-to-use video streaming appliance designed for professional video producers who need to simultaneously HD and SD stream a live event. The encoder is a professional high and standard definition video coding product. The product has the function of supporting 1 channel HD video capture, generate dual stream of h.264 encoding output and the AAC audio format. The product has high integration and reasonable price. From any HD input source such as a camera or switcher, generates an H.264-encoded stream compliant with RTSP, HTTP, UDP and RTMP protocols. The product can be applied to education, health care, IPTV, conference, remote education, news interview, banking, transportation and other industries.

    MagicBox HD3 can deliver H.264-encoding video streams to various servers, such as Adobe Flash Server, Wowza Server, Windows Media Server and some other servers base on UDP/RTSP/RTMP/HTTP protocols. Now, we have been improving our product. The newest MagicBox HD301 would add Wifi function.


◆HD (in/loop), HD+CVBS (simultaneously) or HD-SDI Inputs per module

◆Two hardware version, 1channel Compact, 4channel 1RU, 16channel 3RU

◆Magicbox HD316 Support dual power supply input

◆Two Protocol, Bitrate, Resolution, Profile per HD Source Inputs

◆Dual streams out, Each HD input source simultaneously support one channel up to 1920x1080p Full HD and one channel 1280x720 HD output

◆Each channel stream can simultaneously support any one among the UDP/RTSP/HTTP protocol, including RTMP protocol output, HLS optional

◆Support the standard flow driven architecture of Microsoft , (the WDM architecture), Support the WMENCODE of Microsoft. 

◆Be compatible with Windows VFW software architecture and WDM pattern

◆Support simultaneous display of one computer and multiple devices 

◆H.264 High/Main/Baseline Profile, ACC audio

◆Video bit rates: 16-12000kbps

◆Audio bitrate: 48-256kbps

◆HD-to-SD downscale conversion 

◆Superior video quality at ultra-low bitrates, generally video bitrate advised SD about 680kbps, 720p about 1mbps, 1080p about 3mbps for lowest bitrate

◆Support CBR and VBR mode

◆WEB Management

◆Easy-to-Use System Management

◆The Compact vision supports 2.4 / 2.5G wifi transmission. 802.11n is compatible with IEEE802.11g, IEEE802.11b. 

◆The Compact vision supports no video signal coding, Once set up, it will take effect immediately, without rebooting


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