MSM621 MPEG4 CVBS/AV To RF Modulator

◆ high integrated with 16/32 AV channels in to 8 DVB-C or 8 DVB-T RF out
◆ ASI, 1 DVB-C and 255 IP channels in
◆ 4 Simul-Crypt CAS only for DVB-C
◆ with 8 MPTS output
◆ Low Cost per channel - Breakthrough Price

Product Details


    MSM621  Provides a highly flexible solution for delivery of any cable and encrypted Satellite set top box, Blue Ray and DVD player, IPTV video content all SD MPEG-4 video can be simultaneously output over IP and RF(DVB-C/T), No Needs to wire new cables as it shares the existing antenna coax cables to deployed with Analog TV network.

    It has 2 models, Model 1: 16 channels; Model 2: 32 channels. For Model 2, 32 channels supporting 1 encoding modulating module and 1 encoding module, and both modules accept analog CVBS inputs. After multiplexing the 16 encoded TS (17~32 channels) to the encoding modulating module through 1 ASI port and 1 IP port with one MPTS, and then generating 8 MPTS output through data port. 

    MSM621 Big advantage, it works with 256 UDP/RTP IP IGMP2.0 source and 1 Clear  DVB-C Tuners inputs together, and up to 32 AV inputs. Integrate All in One Multiplexer and Scrambling MPEG-TS out Over 8 adjacent RF Channels as mirrored of 8 MPTS over LAN network. It is an ideal solution for environments, where displays to an unlimited number of displays over almost any distance, such as Small Digital TV system, Hotel, Restaurants, 

Stadiums, Campus, Entertainment facilities, Airports, Theaters, Education Markets.


◆Distribute Up to 32 channels of SD content over RF (DVB-T/C) to an unlimited number of TVs

◆AV Mode Select 16, 32 Ports, 256 IP input over UDP/RTP

◆1*DVB-C tuner input for re-mux

◆Simultaneous video output in RF over coax and IP over Ethernet

◆Audio gain adjustment supported

◆Support 8 Group of DVB-Simulcrypt CAS Scrambling for DVB-C QAM

◆8 separate multiplexing and Up-converter modulating adjacent carrier out

◆MPEG1 Layer II Audio encoding

◆VBR and CBR mode

◆LCN (Logical Channel Number) support

◆DVB-C (EN300 429) and ITU-T J.83A/B supported

◆PSI/SI editing & inserting

◆PID Remapping & Filtering

◆Support PCR correct and PCR interval adjusting

◆LOGO,QR code,OSD insertion for every, All or Each module of local channel

◆Superior Shoulders and Excellent modulation quality MER

◆Low power consumption and high reliability with MTBF(Mean Time Between Failure) ≦87600 Hours

◆Easy-to-Use System Management via Web

◆Support Null PKT Filter

◆Low Cost per channel -  Breakthrough Price !

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