Multi Screen Real Time Stream Transcoder

◆ Mpeg-2/H.264/H.263/MPEG4SP/MPEG4ASP video transcoding ◆ MPEG-1Layer II,AAC,AC3,WMA, MP3 audio transcoding ◆ Low bitrate transcoding save more bandwidth ◆ Deployed in DVB transcoding, IPTV/OTT solutions ◆ Screen ratio support 16: 9, logo insert

Product Details


    Caster-T322 multi screen real time stream transcoder, answers all market requirements and is thus the suitable solution to Terrestrial, Satellite, Cable, IPTV networks. It is a real-time multi-channel/format transcoder can support 25*SD or 10*720p or 5*FullHD streams Simultaneously. It converts HD/SD streams to any H.264 or MPEG-2 format, bitrate and resolution. With the support for various encapsulation formats base on UDP, RTP/ RTSP, Pull/Push HTTP, RTMP, HLS protocols. The product can be configured to transcode up to 25 PIDs of H.264 video in a 1RU form factor, along with up to two  audio PIDs per video PID. The hardware can be configured and licensed to upgrade H.264 to H.265/HEVC transcoding, easy for HEVC/H.265 video  transcoding applications, reduce bandwidth usage, and save equipment costs.



◆High density 1-RU platform can transcode up to 25*SD or 10*720p or 5*Full HD profiles

◆Optimized for 1500 Kbps for SD, 4Mbps for HD 720p,6Mbps for HD 1080p

◆Creates simultaneous High,Medium, and Low bitrate streams (profiles) of MultiScreen IPTV application

◆Optional H.265 transcodes by software licensed

◆Baseline, main profile & high profile with variable GOP

◆Mulltiple Codec, Protocol, Bitrate,Resolution, Profile per channel

◆Picture-in-picture (PIP) operation supported

◆HD-to-SD down, SD-to-HD up conversion 

◆GbE IP outputs –UDP, RTSP, RTMP,Pull/Push HTTP, HTTP Live Smooth(HLS), FTP M3u8 playlist files

◆Flexible GOP structures with Reference-frame and B-frame edit

◆Frame rate down- and up-conversion

◆High quality pre-processing including filtering, Deinterlacing, cross scaling, image insertion

◆Support for Variable Bit Rate (VBR) encoding maximizes adaptive streaming video quality and bandwidth efficiency

◆Based on embedded Ubuntu Linux  via flashdisk 

◆The preview interface adds color control adjustment (CCATM) function (video output brightness, contrast, saturation, aberration).

◆TS parameter configuration: The output stream can be edited to change the program number, program name, supplier (for video output part), easy to identify end device.

◆DVB Subtitle and Logo insertion

◆High contrast LCD display

◆Parameter template settings and imports

◆Real time preview of input video stream in encoding and parameter configuration

◆Easy configuration via Web GUI

◆Designed for secure 24*365 operation 


25* IP/IP H.264 IPTV Transcoder

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