MUX7500 ISDBT ISDBTb ASI To IP ASI Multiplexer

◆ 12 ASI in to 2ASI/ISDB-T/Tb RF out
◆ inner and outside(SFN) 10Mhz BNC clock, LAYER3 MUX
◆ Two separate RJ45/SFP Ports
◆ Current guard interval
◆ Two power supply

Product Details


    MUX7500 Multiplexer and Re-multiplexer developed for ISDB-T and ISDB-TB digital Television standards to adapt Japan, the Philippines and those South American countries such as Brazil and Argentina. It supports multi-programming according to the needs of the broadcaster. Additionally, it allows editing of PSI/SI tables, Manage Multi-Layer, BTS streams out with IIP packet generation and Single Frequency Network (SFN) operation. MUX7500 ISDB-T multiplexer, can support up to 12 ASI inputs and Multiplexing to Two separate ASI outputs as mirror of IP out. Usually run with ISDB-T project, including One Seg encoder, ISDB-T/Tb Modulator and ISDB-T Transmitter.


◆Two Separate Channels MPEG-TS/BTS Multiplex from 12 ASI port inputs,1RU Chassis

◆Simultaneous Multiplexed output over UDP IP,ASI

◆BTS generation by default for SFN broadcasting

◆ISDB-Tand ISDB-TB compliant

◆Allows configuration of PSI/SI tables and The respective transmission layer definition

◆PCR correction and PID Filtering,Remapping and Passthrough Capabilities with User-Defined PID Value and any Index of In/Out TS

◆Separately set the parameters such as time delay for each device when it works as SFN mode

◆IIP information generation and inserting

◆Allows Number of segments,encoding code rate, modulation mode, time domain interlacing length for each layer and be set separately

◆Low power consumption and high reliability with MTBF(Mean Time Between Failure) ≦87600 Hours

◆Easy-to-Use System Management via Web/LCD Panel

◆Dual Power Supply Support



ISDB-TTb ASI To IPASI Multiplexer.png

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