48CH Multiviewer MVS2500

Product Details


    MVS2500 Multiviewer sever is DIBSYS’s professional video monitor of multiviewer based on the experienced video disposing technic. It support composite resolution display of HD and SD, and composite video encoding format monitor and display of MPEG-2 and H.264 and etc, which make it widely used in the applications of DVB, IPTV, Wowza, Security and monitor.

    Set the IP and port of the headend in the sever to receive the video and audio content of the programs. The display module decode the TS to it’s original datas, and assemble any of the many programs, so that it can be easy to monitored. 

    Meanwhile, MVS2500 support dual screen output, as it offers extreme integration with up to 48 SD/12 HD, 60 SD/15 HD (option) monitoring screen connections in a single 1RU chassis, if it is just output to one single big screen, every picture become too small to monitor, so the dual screen output function is good for monitor and help save a host at the same time.


48 SD/12 HD, 60SD/15HD (option) video Multi Viewer decoding simultaneously per chassis

◆Support Video encoding of MPEG2, H.264, AVS

◆Support Audio encoding of MP1, MP3, AC3, AAC

◆SPTS and MPTS channel Mode

◆Display of digital and analog clock, supports display of flash and static picture

◆Audio volume in Colored UV meter

◆Real time audio and video monitor of : video loss, freeze frame, black burst and color bars, Datastream loss, overflow and underflow of audio volume

◆Tigger of alarms: record alarm, voice alarm, SNMP alarm and database records

◆OSD function. The error message will be displayed on the picture with red flash alert

◆Local one-way audio output

◆Dual screen output via HD and VGA Interface

◆Remote program Multi Viewer display (option)

◆Powerful and convenient Multiviewer user defined configuration, which allows you to combine pictures individually, flexible layout, full screen viewing of each program

◆Random combination display of multi pictures, with support of self-defined template

◆Recording detailed operation logs during the entire progress

◆Supports centralized management of the network management system