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Standard:GB 2626-2006· Material:Non-woven fabric outer, Electrostatic filter cotton· 4 layers of protection, effective filtration· Adjustable nose clip fits face· Air permeable, breathe freely · Effectively isolating bacteria· Earloop design for ease of donning· Pleats face downward to prevent pooling· Package allows top and side access · Odorless· BFE≥ 99% · PFE≥ 95%. welcome to inquiry. More details contact sales: Bonnie Jia..

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N95 respirator mask China supplier elastic earloop without valve


   · Standard:GB 2626-2006

   · Material:Non-woven fabric outer, Electrostatic filter cotton

   · 4 layers of protection, effective filtration

   · Adjustable nose clip fits face

   · Air permeable, breathe freely

   · Effectively isolating bacteria

   · Earloop design for ease of donning

   · Pleats face downward to prevent pooling

   · Package allows top and side access

   · Odorless

   · BFE≥ 99%

   · PFE≥ 95%

   · Latex free

   · 5 pieces/bag,  500 pieces/box; Box size: 62*37*26cm

KN95 mask

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