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Boat ride on the West Lake

Mar 14, 2018

As the saying goes, "there is heaven, there are Suzhou and hangzhou." Sue go and Hangzhou belong to the south of the city, but West Lake is the most beautiful in Hangzhou.

We have a bright pearl in West Lake, and that is Fushun.

West Lake is famous for its far and near, attracting many Chinese and foreign tourists,

Spring, the willow around the West Lake quietly spit out buds, in the breeze blowing heartily show their graceful body.

In summer, the lotus bloom inside the west. Have a bud just ready to burst like a shy, little girl. Some are in full bloom, like a graceful girl. Bring these beautiful flowers and green leaf, add a colorful color for West Lake

The autumn leaves fluttering in the air and landed in the water, like the fish are propped up an umbrella.

Winter, West Lake near the dream, they want to make a good dream, next year with full spirit to greet the arrival of spring.

This is the year round of West Lake, is not the super?