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Digital TV Headend Equipment ATSC-T Modulator

Jul 20, 2016

DIBSYS MOD6600 ATSC-T modulator is DIBSYS’s newly designed product supporting ASI and SMPTE-310 input. After modulating the inputting signals through ATSC 8-VSB, it can output RF signals with the range between 40 ~ 960MHz. In other words, MOD6600 ATSC-T modulator supports the coding and modulating mode under ATSC-T A/53 standard. It also supports adaptive non-linear and linear digital pre-distortion (DPD). Additionally, the system of this device can be on line controlled and upgraded through network, which can be widely used in ATSC-T digital broadcasting network setup and the testing for ATSC-T set top box design.


  • Full complying with ATSC A/53 standard

  • Support ATSC 8VSB modulation

  • Support 2ASI, 2 SMPTE 310M, 1 external 10Mhz reference clock and 1 RF input

  • RF output frequency range: 40MHz~960MHz, 1Hz stepping

  • Support RS coding, interleaving and Trellis coding

  • Transmission bandwidth: 6MHz

  • Supports adaptive linear digital pre-distortion (DPD)

  • Supports adaptive non-linear digital pre-distortion (DPD)

  • Adopts constant-temperature crystal oscillator, the frequency stability can be up to 0.1 PPM

  • Excellent RF output performance: EVM, MER, SNR, shoulder level and etc.

  • LCD/Keyboard and net management, support SNMP/NMS

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