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DVB-S/S2 Tuner/ASI To IP Gateway

Mar 24, 2017

IRD1518 PLUS.jpg

DIBSYS new launched IRD1518 Plus(http://www.dibvision.com/dvb-s-s2-tuner-asi-to-ip-gateway-ird1518-p) is a head-end interface conversion device and Routes Any or All Transport Streams via IP Output Port by SPTS/MPTS channels. It supports 16 MPTS or 512 SPTS output over UDP and RTP/RTSP protocol. It is integrated with tuner demodulation (or ASI input) and gateway function, which can demodulate the signal from 16 tuners into IP package, or directly convert the TS from ASI input and tuner into IP package, then output the IP package through different IP address and ports. BISS function is also embedded for tuner input to descramble your tuner input programs.

IRD1518 Plus enables an all-IP headend architecture, resulting in a more scalable and lower-cost transition to IP-based services. It will be a ideal equipment for the IPTV network head and deliver the MPTS/SPTS channels to next equipment which save the cost in your investment.

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