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DVB-T Solution To Reach 72% Homes By 2022 In Europe

Jun 21, 2018

Dataxis’ latest research sheds light on the importance that Digital TV broadcasting DVB-T solution , the extension of the television standard DVB -T, will acquire in the upcoming years.

To form a complete DVB-T system, including the following wireless TV broadcasting equipment:

.Professional DVB-T Modulator

.8 RCA/IP MPEG2 H264 Video Encoder DVB-T low bitrate

.8 Tuner DVB-S2 IRD IP

.8 HDMI Full HD MPEG4 Encoder

.IP/IP Digital TV multiplexer Scrambler

.Digital TV Transmitter and Digital TV Antenna

.DVB-T Mpeg4 Set top box

This wireless digital headend system was devised to enable a better signal compression to broadcast digital television. It became the widespread standard of all recent DTT deployment and is currently being rolled out to replace DVB-T in many parts of the world. Even though the freed up spectrum can allow to broadcast UHD encoder content or additional channels for instance, the necessity of these improvements remains questionable in several European countries.

In 2017, 12 countries still use hybrid networks, with the two standards being used on different multiplexes. Dataxis forecasts that this number will decrease to 8 in 2022, provided that national authorities do not put the switch over on hold as it was witnessed in some countries (e.g. Belgium, Sweden).

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Dibvision Technologies provides some kinds of DVB-T digital Head-end Equipment for selection:

Netmode6420: Professional DVB-T Modulator

DVB-T2 Modulator.jpg

IPM6000: IP To DVB-T Modulator

DVB-T Modulator.jpg

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