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Full Realization Of Digital Hangzhou Began To Gradually Stop Mode

Nov 22, 2014

Full realization of digital Hangzhou began to gradually stop mode according to the Municipal Office [2004] on the 8th "Several Opinions on Promoting the city's comprehensive development of digital cable and digital TV industry," the spirit of the document, Hangzhou from October 4, 2004 began to implement the overall conversion , have been completed in 2005, 2006 and two urban districts, five counties (cities) of the overall conversion work, so far, covering the city's overall conversion of digital subscribers reached 1.2 million, the new district stop mode users reached 125,000, urban users digital TV overall conversion rate has reached more than 95%, the digital television well into the millions of households in Hangzhou, meet many people of different cultural and recreational needs of the individual. According to the survey data CCTV Sofres, AGB Nielsen Media Research Centre, Hangzhou users of digital TV viewing time increased by 20% compared to analog TV. The number of China through years of rapid development, has the country's largest interactive programming library media and information resources, forming a complete "TV should

Use "products system, in 2008, 2009," the number of China "was named" China Digital TV users are most satisfied with the brand. "

Must be off the air analog TV signals

According to the national plan on digital cable requirements, the full realization of the digitized analog television signal to be off the air, the developed eastern coastal cities and the central city of analog TV signals to be off the air in 2010, the same as the first batch of pilot cities of Qingdao, Shenzhen, Foshan city, Nanjing and other have been fully off the air analog TV signals. As one of the developed coastal cities of Hangzhou, should be off the air analog signals before the state's plan to complete the work off the air. Meanwhile, the analog signal off the air for promoting the city informatization construction, make full use of channel resources (traditional analog television signal transmission mode, a frequency channel can only transmit a signal, and digital TV transmission frequency to achieve an eight sets of channels signal), reducing the analog and digital signals interfere with each other, the development of high-definition digital TV, to ensure that users ratings quality has greatly benefits. To do this requires an analog TV signal off the air in Hangzhou both national digital television development planning, but also the inevitable trend of digitization of industrial upgrading, is imperative.

       Stop mode gradual Chinese number on your side

        According to the Municipal Office, the municipal government office "on the issuance of" analog cable television programs off the air in Hangzhou "notice" (Municipal Office Fa [2009] No. 167 requirements, and the suburbs of Hangzhou from November 2009 by region gradually began to analog cable television off the air. "Chinese numbers" will do a full range of analog signal cable television off the air in Hangzhou-site implementation and service work.

         1, the general principles and ideas stop mode: the first city to the suburbs after the first pilot promotion, publicity, first-served after the first stop mode, according to the fragmented subregional stop mode, supplemented by gradually reducing the stop mode channel mode, retaining the central one sets, Zhejiang TV, Hangzhou comprehensive television channel, the central educational channel, the Central children, Zhejiang, six sets of analog mobile TV channels.

         2, the cell will stop broadcasting analog set-top box sales price control in less than 300 yuan, pushing manufacturers to stop mold in the field, the number of Chinese stores and direct operating room set point. Also introduced a temporary set-top box rental.

         3, the company set up a working group to implement stop mode, unified command, coordination stop implementation mode, carry out extensive publicity, good publicity scene, resident services, two terminals supply, site installation and subsequent maintenance work, further enrich digital content, implementation human services, to ensure that on-site services, enhancing the window service to ensure signal transmission quality and ensure a smooth user ratings.

        4, will strictly enforce the "Asking" system, the number of China on faults or any employee received complaints from users must personally implement solutions and track in the end. Stopped working after the official implementation of the mold, if a cell or user fault reporting more complaints, the number of Chinese companies will send mold stop working implementation team again in the shortest possible time for the user's site supervision services work to do to ensure a smooth stop mode operation smooth implementation, to ensure the majority of users during stop mode to watch good digital TV.

       5, the majority of users to fully open the whole media business, high-definition TV, pay TV and other services, to further enhance the quality of life of people information.

       It is understood that the number of Chinese media to get through the whole digital television and the Internet and communications networks, making it possible to send text messages between TV, greeting cards, movies, TV you can always browse through the Internet, hot news, the phone can send text messages and television, MMS. This service interworking between user mode, it is to search engines, based on the information via the Internet after the capture, filtering filtering, and content of the number of China to integrate interactive TV show, open up the digital television and the Internet, created by text, images, audio, video, surveillance and other forms of media to show the new integrated service model, combined with the number of China NGB-oriented integration interactive TV service platform, users can customize Internet news, listen to digital broadcasting, the whole media information search, browse Categories Full media information, view video surveillance, e-mail, games, fitness, fully combines the advantages of interactive TV easy to operate and massive Internet content