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Growing 4K/Ultra HD Channels Demand In Germany

Nov 23, 2018

52% of TV viewers in Germany would be willing to spend money on TV channels in Ultra HD quality.


14% would pay up to €3 per month for UHD, 18% between €3 and €6, 8% between €6 and €9, 7% between €9 and €12 and 5% more than €12. This means that every fifth household (20%) is prepared to pay €6 and more per month for UHD programmes.


This is the result of the HD+ Ultra HD Monitor 2018 for which S&L Research conducted a survey among 1,005 people over the age of 16 on behalf of German DTH platform operator HD+.


“The willingness to pay for high-definition television is high. For UHD this is even more evident than when HD was introduced,” said Timo Schneckenburger, managing director marketing and sales at HD+. “This is in line with other studies which assume that German viewers are more willing to pay extra for high-quality television. In addition to pay-TV content, this also applies to the willingness to pay for excellent picture quality and a more impressive TV experience.”


By the end of 2019, GfK expects a total of around 13.3 million UHD TV sets to have been sold in Germany. Around 3.5 million sets are to be sold this year and around 4.2 million in 2019.


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