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H.264/H.265 IP To IP Transcoder Newly Added Function

Apr 08, 2018

H.264/H.265 IP to IP Transcoder newly added function

In order to meet the market demands, DIBSYS make develop some new function for H.264/H.265 IP to IP transcoder Caster (http://www.dibvision.com/anystreamer-t322-20ch-ipip-transcoder  )/anystream series (http://www.dibvision.com/carrier-grade-h-264-h-265-hevc-iptv-transcoder  ), which can support AC3, mpeg2 and AAC etc, audio transcoding, and RTMP/HLS/HTTP/RTSP/UDP any to any transcoding.  New added function as below:


1. It can check the source parameter on pre-view interface, such as resolution, bitrate, encoding format etc. 

2. color adjustment function on Preview interface (it can adjust output video's brightness, contrast, saturation, color difference)

3. text Subtitle Insertion.

4. Can insert current time and display in real time (note: this time is same as the device time, can be changed before order)

5. insert the stopwatch after the task start, then time the length of the video playback

6. Mosaic, frosted glass function in LOGO option (mainly for a part of output screen processing)

7.TS parameter configuration: can edit and change the program number, program name and provider of output TS stream, easier for backend device identification. (mainly for output video). Better compatible with DVB application

8.MPTS function already repaired successfully

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