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HD Professional IRD (ISDB-T)

Jun 10, 2016

DIBSYS IRD1218 Professional 8-channel RF to IP Gateway that Integrates Professional DVB-S2,Cable(DVB-C), ISDB-T, ATSC RF Receivers and De-encapsulates and Routes Any or All Selected Transport Streams via IP Output Port by SPTS/MPTS channels, with re-multiplexing and scrambling of multiple transport streams. The IRD1218 enables an all-IP headend architecture,resulting in a more scalable and lower-cost transition to IP-based services. It will be a ideal equipment for the IPTV network head and deliver the SPTS channels to next equipment which the transcoder and IPTV server,can much save the cost in your investment. 


  • Up to 8 channels FTA Tuners per chassis

  • Professional DVB-S2,ISDB-T,ATSC DVB-C RF inputs option

  • Up to 244 streams-over-IP in SPTS/MPTS mode

  • Up to 2 separate ASI out after multiplexed

  • Support processing for multiplexing,scrambling, PSI/SI Table in Mpts mode

  • Support BISS function(Extra charge)

  • De-encapsulates and Routes Any or All Selected Transport Streams outputs

  • Data stream Protocol of UDP, RTP

  • PID filtering, mapping and pass through

  • Easy-to-Use System Management

  • Output data rate range: GbE IP:1 ~ 800Mbps; ASI: 1-100Mbps

  • Management via WEB and local front panel

  • Integrated, compact 1-RU platform saves rack space and reduces operating costs

Learn more, pls check http://www.dibvision.com/ird1218m-8ch-fta-dvb-s2-ird-and-multiplexer or contact sales( sale06@dibvision.com )